JOBS FOR ACADEMICS: Workshop for universities

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Young students very often do not know where or in what they want to work. Bridging the distance between the corporate and academic world can often be a hard struggle. Students often start studying Economics, law or languages without having a clear job in mind. We help them to get things right, to know where to go and how to express it in a professional way. We show where young qualified people are needed in Europe, what the candidates need to bring and how to get there. 

HTW: Enhance your career in Berlin

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Compared to many other developed countries, Germany offers excellent employment and career opportunities. The German industries are constantly on the lookout for engineering and IT graduates, but for several years, there have been few unemployed business professionals, as well. More and more professionals are attracted to developing a career in Berlin due to the cheap rents, availability of jobs and cultural offer. 

PODEMOS: Interview mit Juan Carlos Monedero

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von Stefanie Müller

Podemos (Wir können) ist eine neue spanische Partei, welche die aktuelle Amigo- und Oberschicht-Gesellschaft des Landes komplett in Frage stellt und ein Gerüst aus Begünstigungen, Drohungen und Beeinflussungen, Geldwäsche und Steuerbetrug auf höchstem Niveau zum Einstürzen bringen. Über Facebook, youtube und Twitter haben sie sich in ganz Europa bekannt gemacht, überall “Fangruppen” kreiert. Ihr Ziel ist es, ein neues Bewusstsein für Demokratie zu schaffen und einen Wandel der aktuelle “Geldherrschaft” zu erzielen.

ZURICH: the “best place to work & study”

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The magazine Foreign Direct Investment rated Zurich as the best business location among 89 European rivals thanks particularly to its IT and telecommunications infrastructure. Additionally Zurich has tied for fifth place in a global ranking of the top 50 cities for students. Besides  Zurich is the best city in the world for expatriates to work, according to two recent polls which hail the city’s infrastructure and banking services.