Germany is stronger than ever

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While other nations as USA and Russia fall as brands due to their pseudo cold war play that shifted from Asia and Europe to Africa, Angela Merkel has made out of Germany much more than just a “made in Germany”. The country has become a brand for global values and virtues after being the most destructive country in the world. A nation admired for its stable leadership, Germany is right now the world’s strongest nation brand, BSI score of 84.9 out of 100.

English Skills for Journalists in 3 steps

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By Pete Pozner, MA applied linguistics, Delta

As a journalist you might feel that you spend far too much time trying to improve your English. What’s more, you’re not at all satisfied with the results. Firstly, you still have trouble getting the right style as well as problems using communicative language when you write articles. Also, you have issues with your pronunciation and accent, which at times may make it difficult for your sources and colleagues to understand you easily. Another difficulty you have is finding the right words to express yourself when, for example, you interview people.

Life as a digital nomad

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5 tips on how to establish your business working from wherever you want Claudia Lattner is a single mum and leader of a huge international team, who established her own coaching online business from scratch. According to herself, she helped already more than 2000 people to realize their dreams by starting their own businesses.

How to influence a company’s culture?

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Organisational culture is the shared values and beliefs of your employees. Each staff member in your business will have past experiences that shape how they think, their values, and their beliefs. They have certain thoughts on how decisions and tasks should be carried out. In a healthy organisation, the effects of organisational culture on that employee’s performance will be positive. The culture has to be positive throughout the business for each employee to benefit and feel comfortable. Research found that employees that don’t like their organisation’s culture are 24% more likely to quit.

Lockdowns and economic impact

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In times of crisis, the economy is usually the first port of call for disaster—and the impact can be felt for many years after. The Bank of England says that history has proven there are two certain things when it comes to financial crises: another one will follow, and it will be different from the last one. Our world has changed dramatically over the best part of a year. A rare disaster of a global pandemic never before seen in our lifetime has resulted in countries introducing necessary quarantines and social distancing measures in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. This has had a negative but necessary effect on our economies. A crisis bringing great uncertainty, governments are providing support to workers, businesses, and financial markets to guide us towards a strong recovery. However, there is doubt about what our global economic landscape will look like when things return to normal.

Swiss lawyers are paid the best

Jobs By 30 November, 2020 No Comments found that lawyers in Switzerland are the highest paid inEurope at an average annual salary of €128,402. Additionally, they make 75% more than the average annual salary of €73,212 in the country.
In second position is Germany, where lawyers make an average annual salary of €80,076 – 66% more than the average annual salary of €48,144.

Contrastingly, lawyers in Turkey (€9,708) and Greece (€10,728) are among the lowest paid in Europe, banking under €11,000 each year. Alongside being one of the lowest paid lawyers in Europe, Greek lawyers make 39% less than the average annual salary in the country, which is €17,592.