Legal jobs are well paid in the North

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The European country with the fifth highest average salary for Paralegal is Germany, at €57,337. The European country fifth from the bottom for the average yearly salary is Portugal, with a yearly average salary of 26,842 euros. Fourth from the bottom is the Czech Republic (€22,643) and third from the bottom is Poland (€19,572). The second-lowest paid country for Paralegal jobs is Romania, with an average yearly salary of €12,369, whilst the lowest paid country for Paralegal jobs is Russia, at only €7,984 as an average yearly salary.

Germany is getting crazy.

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by Dr. Stefanie Claudia Müller

The situation right now in Germany with the pandemic lockdown is getting to its limits. The launch of an satire art project by a dozen of actors has raised a lot of polemic. We talk to the author of a book that claims to show how to be successful, at ease and active even in Covid-19 times. Roland Winterstein lives parttime in Mallorca and has published “Vollgas, Leben!”. A good slogan in a hard time.

Is the situation in Mallorca as bad as the media says?

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by Loretta Oddi

*Lorretta Oddi is the pastor’s wife in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. They helped to set up a Foodbank with many others. On the picture you see her with her family. 

Yes, I believe the situation in Mallorca is as bad as it is being related by the media and/or documentaries. The majority of people I personally know have been negatively affected by the pandemic, specifically in loss of jobs, loss of income, and consequently their emotional well-being has been affected. Some dear friends had to leave the island after losing everything and not being granted any support by the government as it took time to react to the sudden and destructive effect of the lockdown measures on self-employed, small business owners.

Coding is the profession most wanted

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Coding is the fastest growing profession in the UK by numbers of employees, and there are now more than 600,000 developers working in the private sector, according to research by developer recruitment platform CodinGame. Analysis of the most up-to-date ONS business population data1 reveals that the number of computer programmers working for private companies has increased by 74,000 in the past three years, from 536,000 to 610,000. A third (196,000) of those developers are employed by large companies. However, just under 300,000 programmers are working in micro and small businesses.

The best European countries for Women

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When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, Scandinavian countries have traditionally led the charge on progressive policies. However, a new study conducted by for International Women’s Day has unearthed some surprising new findings! By evaluating a variety of factors that contribute to women’s success in the workforce, Reboot Online created a points-based index that determined which European countries offer the best prospects for female professionals. Which country in Europe is the best for women to work in?