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EUROPE: Call for researchers

Study By 2 January, 2017 No Comments

The “ERA Chairs” are intended to help develop research excellence in low performing research and innovation Member States and regions*. Universities or other eligible research institutions with currently low levels of participation in the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, which have a demonstrated potential and concrete plan for research excellence, will be selected by the Commission to appoint outstanding research leaders: the “ERA Chairs holder” and his/her research team.

FRANCE: Learning French is a must

Study By 28 May, 2016 No Comments

French has lost impact in Europa, France has lost political importance due to the German strength, but if you want to make the most of the French way of life and your time in France, it’s essential to learn French as soon as possible. For people living in France permanently, learning French isn’t an option, but a necessity. French people do not really speak English and appreciate very much if you speak their language correctly. They are  not like the Spaniards that will always make a great effort to understand you whereever you come from and which language you speak.

ENGLISH: What´s the problem for Spaniards?

Study By 13 April, 2016 No Comments

Last night I watched Brefjat”, Marta said. “Excuse me?”, we asked her. “Brefjat”, she said again. “Oh, Braveheart!”, Rocío said. “Well, yes that one”. Marta is 25 years old, as me. In her curriculum vitae it says that her English level is upper-intermediate, but we know that she barely can speak it. As so many people within our generation and the great majority of Spanish young people. Why is it that in Spain, that tries to be as modern as the other European countries, people almost don’t speak English?