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EUROPE: the expansion of drugs

Living By 27 June, 2019 No Comments

Becoming obsessive with things is always a bad sign. Drug abuse is not just linked to alchol, cocaine or cannabis. There is also an increasing abuse of digital devices, sport or even sex. We talk to Hans R. Hoffmann how to overcome these problems. The therapist treats people suffering adictions of all kind on the small island of Gozo situated close to Malta

STRESS: Why sometimes we cannot sleep

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Sonja Sommerfeld is known for her decades of experience helping people in an emphatic way to sleep better. With her holistically oriented, modern concepts, she established convincing sleep strategies. Her name “Schlafexpertin” was awarded to her on the basis of her extensive expertise by a newspaper reporter from the Hamburg area where she comes from. asked her how people can  sleep better and longer.

CLIMATE: Which energy is the most sustainable?

Living By 1 June, 2019 No Comments

by Andres Fernando Tejero Gonzalez

Hydrogen and oxygen are the most abundant elements on planet Earth, so the idea of using hydrogen as fuel is an idea that, ‘a priori’, seems very good, but to obtain hydrogen it must be separated from oxygen in water and for this electrolysis is used, that is, electricity. However, despite the overall accelerating pace in recent years, innovation in the energy system is not occurring quickly and widely enough, nor is it adequately aligned, to address pressing issues and exploit new technologies to improve the lives of citizens around the world. The global energy system faces rising and shifting demands: the urgent challenge of tackling climate change and the need to expand energy access, mirrored by tremendous new opportunities created by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which affect all sectors of the economy and society.

GENDER: gap between men and women in welfare

Living By 14 March, 2019 No Comments

by Jan Goller

The indicator of welfare for men is higher than for women. In 2013, the average differential of both genders in Spain was 0.3% and in 2017 more than 4%. So, it raised significantly. According to the study published by Fedea, this indicator increases with age and educational level within each sex. The good news is that during this period the employment has grown and the inequality has been reduced – for both genders. But in all cases more for men than for women.

HEALTH: European fight against bacterias

Living By 4 March, 2019 No Comments

The European Commission estimates that the European Union suffers a financial loss of around 1.5 billion euros a year because of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) related healthcare costs and productivity losses. Opening the single market more effectively would help reduce the grip of traditional chemical cleaning companies and allow for new hygiene technologies which can potentially reverse Europe’s critical AMR trend. The auditors will examine how the European Commission and relevant agencies manage the key activities and resources in this domain. They will also assess the relevance and effectiveness of EU contributions and support. Each year in the EU, infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria lead to the death of about 33,000 people and result in economic losses of around €1.5 billion. The World Bank has warned that, by 2050, such infections could cause as much global economic damage as the 2008 financial crisis.