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VEGGIE REVOLUTION IN SPAIN: Lidl tries to be part of it

Living By 8 February, 2019 No Comments

by Jan Goller

Eating healthy and veggie is “in”: More than 50 % of the Spanish population have tried in the last twelve months a meat alternative (like hamburgers made of vegetables). The discount supermarket chain Lidl wants to adjust itself to the new preferences of its consumers and gets involved in the veggie revolution”.

Fruits and vegetables in one yoghurt? This sounds strange, doesn’t it? But exactly this did the shop and describes itself as the first grocery store chain to offer yoghurts with fruits and vegetables.

TOLEDO: one of the must-sees in Spain

Living By 19 October, 2015 No Comments

Toledo is like a museum, historic place, but still an important economic region, close to the Spanish capital. If you visit Madrid for more than a few days, you have an awesome opportunity for a day trip to one of the most historical cities not only in Spain but also in Europe. Toledo is the city of El Greco, Spanish kings, Muslims and Jews. When you study or work in Madrid, this is the place to go for the weekend and forget everything that is stressing about the capital. 

Is the situation in Mallorca as bad as the media says?

Living By 13 April, 2021 No Comments

by Loretta Oddi

*Lorretta Oddi is the pastor’s wife in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. They helped to set up a Foodbank with many others. On the picture you see her with her family. 

Yes, I believe the situation in Mallorca is as bad as it is being related by the media and/or documentaries. The majority of people I personally know have been negatively affected by the pandemic, specifically in loss of jobs, loss of income, and consequently their emotional well-being has been affected. Some dear friends had to leave the island after losing everything and not being granted any support by the government as it took time to react to the sudden and destructive effect of the lockdown measures on self-employed, small business owners.

Sardinia is not Italy

Living By 13 August, 2020 No Comments

by Dr. Stefanie Claudia Müller

The history of the second-largest island in Mediterranean after Sicily is tempting as its food. But you have to distinguish very well between touristic and cheap places and the real local kitchen. However, the ice cream never disappoints. The fact that Sardinia is almost as far from the Italian mainland as Tunisia surprises most people. There is an obvious link to Africa and its culture as well as to prehistoric times. Thousands of nuraghe (stone buildings) dot the landscape. They proof that people have been enjoying the island for millennia.


Brazil goes Europe

Living By 25 November, 2019 No Comments

by Stefanie Claudia Müller

Europe becomes more and more attractive for Latin America where Democratic instability is impacting negatively the development of the continent. We talk to André Penha, Co-Founder and CTO of QuintoAndar, a Brazilian company dedicated to using technology and design to simplify residential rentals from end to end – for landlords and tenants alike. The company sees in Europe their next important market, also because it is so attractive as home and second home for so many people around the world. Europe become more and more attractive for Latin America where democratic instability is impacting negatively the development of the continent.