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Life as a digital nomad

Jobs By 15 December, 2020 No Comments

5 tips on how to establish your business working from wherever you want Claudia Lattner is a single mum and leader of a huge international team, who established her own coaching online business from scratch. According to herself, she helped already more than 2000 people to realize their dreams by starting their own businesses.

How to influence a company’s culture?

Culture, Jobs By 30 November, 2020 No Comments

Organisational culture is the shared values and beliefs of your employees. Each staff member in your business will have past experiences that shape how they think, their values, and their beliefs. They have certain thoughts on how decisions and tasks should be carried out. In a healthy organisation, the effects of organisational culture on that employee’s performance will be positive. The culture has to be positive throughout the business for each employee to benefit and feel comfortable. Research found that employees that don’t like their organisation’s culture are 24% more likely to quit.

Swiss lawyers are paid the best

Jobs By 30 November, 2020 No Comments found that lawyers in Switzerland are the highest paid inEurope at an average annual salary of €128,402. Additionally, they make 75% more than the average annual salary of €73,212 in the country.
In second position is Germany, where lawyers make an average annual salary of €80,076 – 66% more than the average annual salary of €48,144.

Contrastingly, lawyers in Turkey (€9,708) and Greece (€10,728) are among the lowest paid in Europe, banking under €11,000 each year. Alongside being one of the lowest paid lawyers in Europe, Greek lawyers make 39% less than the average annual salary in the country, which is €17,592.

A libra is a good choice

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Earning the status of a billionaire is not something many people can do and even less really want it. Becoming part of the elite does not come easy, it requires dedication, brains and some would even say manifestation of that reality. And then it is also not easy, because you realize it makes you not happier, most of the time it goes with hard compromises, rough decisions, inhuman attitude and aggressive behavior. The experts at were curious to see if there is any correlation between your zodiac sign and wealth. To find that out, they studied the CEO World’s list of the top 500 billionaires in the world, found their date of birth and zodiac signs.

Germans need 13 weeks to earn what Musk does in 5 minutes

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The biggest CEOs worldwide earn astronomical sums of money each year. People often question if these titans of industry merit the salary they receive – some feel it is deserved given the huge responsibility on their shoulders whilst others simply consider them ‘greedy fat cats’. Interested in CEOs earnings, identified the 10 highest paid CEOs in the world and then utilised their salary to hourly calculator to work out how long it would take Germans to make what each CEO does in five minutes.

American CEO’s are the richest in the world

Jobs By 12 November, 2020 No Comments

In Spain you earn “poco”, they do not appreciate talent and always try to make you work more for less. Different in the US, where many things are going wrong, but talents and working spirit pays off. It is not a society of friends and families but of effort. It would take Spanish workers 24 weeks, 1 day and 6 hours to make what Elon Musk does in five working minutes (€12,854).

In second place is Tim Cook (current Apple CEO)! It would take Spanish workers 5 weeks, 2 days and 3 hours to earn what he does in five minutes (€2,888). Interestingly, Spanish workers would have to spend 3 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours to accumulate the same five-minute income as Sundar Pichai (€1,861), head of Alphabet Inc. (Google). 78% of Spanish workers feel that it is ‘unjustified’ for major CEOs to be paid millions each year. 73% of Spanish workers don’t understand what major CEOs do on a day-to-day basis to merit being paid millions each year.