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A right mind is demanded in the cyberworld

Jobs By 5 November, 2020 No Comments

Specops Software analysed 843 cyber security job listings on Indeed to identify the most desired skills for cyber security roles in the current job market. Specops Software found that having a technical aptitude and mindset is the most coveted skill for cyber security roles with an astonishing 99% of job listings (831/843) looking for this necessary skill. In second position, employers appreciate a cyber security applicant who can take responsibility for their actions, decisions and work with 663 out of 843 listings searching for a candidate that fits the bill (79%). Good written communication (51%) is in third place as 427 of the listed positions analysed, value this is an employee.

Specops Software found that Python (12%) is the most in-demand programming language for cyber security roles. C++ (9%) and C (6%) respectively rank second and third. Contrastingly, PHP (3%), JavaScript (3%), Ruby (3%) and Java (3%) are the programming languages employers are less interested in for cyber security roles. Specops Software found that ‘Information System Security Professional (CISSP)’ is the most desired professional certification for cyber security positions with 33% of listings looking for this credential (279/843).

Creationism: De-risking early stage investment

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“The grass is always greener…”, there are many catchphrases that describe life and business, but they always seem to be in the future tense and suggest some sort of heroic journey. In our experience, uncovering the next big thing from an investment perspective is more about hard work and creating opportunities rather than hoping they will come. Identifying opportunities with outstanding potential is not your biggest obstacle—they often simply stand out. The challenge comes in executing the opportunities to deliver investor value.

A Robot courier delivering

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Forum Virium Helsinki is running a pilot in Kalasatama with the aim of testing new smart home services and finding new solutions for light deliveries in an urban environment. From the last week of September onwards, customers of REDI shopping centre may have spotted a small wheeled robot moving about on its own. Its task is to deliver meals on-demand from K-Supermarket to the Majakka high-rise building. Customers can place an order via the building’s Asumi service on their computer or mobile device, and the delivery robot will take the products directly to the customer or to the collection point in the building’s shared facilities.

Switzerland pays best for financial jobs

Jobs By 12 October, 2020 No Comments

Being a student trying to find their way in the current job market might feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Having an optimistic outlook and strong perseverance are essential for landing a graduate job role. analysed data from employer feedback specialists GlassDoor to discover which graduate finance roles are currently the highest paying in each European country.

Colours and success

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A large numbers of applicants are hustling for very limited job openings, every small detail counts to stand out in the crowd when being selected for a job interview. In this high-pressure situation, first impressions count, but can colour affect the interviewer’s perceptions and help you get a job? surveyed 2,786 employees and asked them what colour they wore in their interviews when they got offered a position within the company, to find out what colours are more likely to get you a job – and the ones that can destroy your chances of being hired!

Is a name linked to eagerness?

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James and Sarah’s employers beware: these are the male and female names most likely to pull a sickie at work!

  • For males, second on the list is Steven and the third is David, whilst the female names that make the top 3 are Claire and Laura, respectively.
  • 91% workersrevealed Mental Health is the main reason for them to fake sickness and 87% admitted they have called sick to go to a party, concert or festival.
  • 56% of men and women pull a sickie from 8 to 20 days per year!