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European Top egamers are in Denmark

Jobs By 14 July, 2020 No Comments

90 of the top 500 eSports gamers of 2020 so far are from the USA. Brazilian gamers will earn the most by the end of 2020 – an average estimated €99,548.97 each according to “Compare”! Denmark takes second place, with an average estimated total of €96,254.03 per gamer. Renowned for their skill in online gaming, China only place in eighth – gamers will earn €70,067.22 on average.

UK offers low salaries for digital marketers

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Japan is the country offering the highest salaries for Digital Marketeers (€63,964), while the United Kingdom offers the lowest salary for Digital Marketing Managers (€35,920). A Digital Marketeer’s salary can increase by approximately €30,000 depending on their years of experience. Web Developers, E-Commerce Managers and PR Managers are the highest earners amongst digital careers.

Covid can be an opportunity for Tunisia

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Tunisia’s recent presidential and parliamentary elections, held in September and October 2019, were major milestones in its democratization process. But the rise of anti-party figures and radical movements reminded Tunisia’s political elites – and European onlookers – that deep socio-economic challenges continue to destabilize the country’s fragile political system.  Against this backdrop, covid-19 has exacerbated long-term challenges such as an economic crisis, social and regional inequality, inadequate healthcare, and intensifying political instability. This will test the capacity and unity of the ruling coalition in significant ways. But, critically, it also provides a moment of opportunity to press ahead with much-needed reforms.

What to read to get a job?

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Interviewing for a job can be a stressful experience, whether you are just out of school or have been working for years. So, there’s no surprise that there are 24,940 people searching for interview books and 146,180 searching for interview tips every month. The best-rated book is Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions by Gayle Laakmann McDowell, scoring a 4.35 on Goodreads! In second place we find 15 Minutes to a Better Interview: What I Wish EVERY Job Candidate Knew by Russell Tuckerton. Menno Olsthoorn, a spokesperson from, offers expert tips on the interview skills you need in order to get hired.

The most misspelt words in CVs

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‘Initiative’ is the most commonly misspelled word on a CV.  Amazingly ‘Perfectionist’ as well. 73% of hiring managers said they would be less likely to hire or offer an interview to an applicant with multiple spelling mistakes on their CV.’s survey revealed that 41% of respondents have guessed how to spell words on their CVs. Furthermore ‘Implemented’ and ‘Corresponding’ tied in 6th place, at 14%. ‘Achieved’ is next with 9% of mentions misspelled in CVs.

A spokesperson for, Menno Olsthoorn, commented: “Quite a few people even misspelled the name of their employer (for example MacDonald’s instead of McDonald’s). Curriculum vitae was also misspelled regularly, while profesional (or proffessional) and acurate are two words that you really want to spell correctly.”