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We need to care for the elderly.

Jobs By 23 February, 2021 No Comments

The pandemic has made clear how important are elderly people in our society. Not just their knowledge and experience are what counts, but also their courage and mindfulness have been a reference for us. In countries like Spain old people participate in social life, independent from the pandemic. In Madrid, they go to the theatre and restaurants, many times hand in hand with their couple.

It makes you feel good about becoming old to see how we cared in this crisis for our parents, grandparents as well as aunts and uncles. When the pandemic started it looked like we were killing the elderly leaving them alone in their homes and residences. But we turned around the story immediately, because their is no such plan to kill older people as some conspiracy theories want to make us believe. However, to care properly for elderly Europe needs 1,264,576 new residential spots to cover dependence, which will increase with the all the time growing life expectancy. It is good news because it is generating over 632,000 new jobs.

Turkey is a hard place to find work

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Coronavirus has made finding employment hard over the past year, especially for new graduates. Malta has the highest graduate employment rate across Europe! With a whopping 93.4% of recent graduates employed, it seems Malta’s workforce is strong – the pandemic’s effects on these numbers will be interesting to see. In second place is Germany with graduate employment at 92.7%. The stats are a testament to Germany’s impressive education system and decade-long employment boom.

Childcare makes happy

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Childcare tops the list as the happiest sector with 239 points, despite being the most unsatisfied with their remuneration (-76 points) and then:

  • Second is Finance & Banking (232 points), followed by police and firefighters from the Public Security sector (227 points)
  • Health Care and Education are the least satisfied sectors when it comes to mental health and employee empowerment
  • Marketing & Digital Media professionals are the most unsatisfied with the sector’s toxic culture (-54 points)
  • Hospitality professionals overall are the least satisfied sector with just 83 points in total!

2021 – hard year for the UK

Jobs By 8 January, 2021 No Comments

by Fay McFarlane

With Boris Johnson announcing another lockdown on Sunday night, sadly, the future of the labour market in the UK is looking rather bleak. Most recent reports suggest that we are on course for the worst recession in more than 300 years. The Institute for Policy Research meanwhile warned that more than one million young people will be unemployed in 2021. Whilst those searching for work in the new year are going to be facing stiffer competition, there is an additional challenge — the virtual interview process. Online interviews have been a part of many companies’ processes for years, but since the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown was implemented, it has become a staple.

Life as a digital nomad

Jobs By 15 December, 2020 No Comments

5 tips on how to establish your business working from wherever you want Claudia Lattner is a single mum and leader of a huge international team, who established her own coaching online business from scratch. According to herself, she helped already more than 2000 people to realize their dreams by starting their own businesses.

How to influence a company’s culture?

Culture, Jobs By 30 November, 2020 No Comments

Organisational culture is the shared values and beliefs of your employees. Each staff member in your business will have past experiences that shape how they think, their values, and their beliefs. They have certain thoughts on how decisions and tasks should be carried out. In a healthy organisation, the effects of organisational culture on that employee’s performance will be positive. The culture has to be positive throughout the business for each employee to benefit and feel comfortable. Research found that employees that don’t like their organisation’s culture are 24% more likely to quit.