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Amazon – most requested company

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Amazon is in the number one spot, as there are an average 7,500 global online searches per month from individuals checking employee reviews to discover what it is really like to work at the e-commerce juggernaut. Accenture is in second place, as there is an average 5,100 worldwide online searches a month from interested applications to assess how former and existing employees felt/feel about working at the consulting giant based on their own personal experience.

Climate Review Awards

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We Don’t Have Time is a social media platform that connects everyone who wants to solve the climate crisis. By sending Climate Reviews to companies, leaders and organizations, our users encourage change and help speed up the transition. This year, the best climate reviews will be awarded a total sum of 5,000 USD. And the winners will be invited up on stage in front of millions of viewers.

The transportation sector offers easy job interviews

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Among the companies with the easiest interviews are Walmart, Netflix and McDonald’s. Taking the lead as the job sector with the easiest interviews is transportation with an average difficulty rating of 2.48 out of a possible 5. According to reviews, the companies in this sector with the easiest interviews include CSX with an average difficulty rating of 2.90, FedEx (average rating of 2.50) and Old Dominion Freight Line (average difficulty score of 2.20).

Spain is health efficient

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In 2020, healthcare systems around the world were heavily tested, with governments increasing their spending to provide the best services possible. As we enter 2021, many of us will be conscious about our health. Lenstore’s research reveals which countries are spending the most on their healthcare per capita but one question remains – how much does your government care about you?

For graduates it is a hard time to find a job.

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Graduates are facing a dearth of opportunities in the labour market, as jobs aimed at university leavers have plunged by almost a quarter compared to pre-pandemic levels, while paid internships have declined by 41%1. England’s universities are due to reopen for face-to-face learning next week, but final year students entering the home straight of their courses are set to graduate into a decidedly chilly jobs market. An analysis of vacancies aimed at new graduates on Indeed shows postings are down almost a quarter (24%) compared to this time in 2019, and 13% down on 2020. Meanwhile, postings for paid internship roles have fallen by 41% compared to 2019, and remain 35% down on last year.

Legal jobs are well paid in the North

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The European country with the fifth highest average salary for Paralegal is Germany, at €57,337. The European country fifth from the bottom for the average yearly salary is Portugal, with a yearly average salary of 26,842 euros. Fourth from the bottom is the Czech Republic (€22,643) and third from the bottom is Poland (€19,572). The second-lowest paid country for Paralegal jobs is Romania, with an average yearly salary of €12,369, whilst the lowest paid country for Paralegal jobs is Russia, at only €7,984 as an average yearly salary.