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IMMIGRATION: Our Downfall or Our Uprise?

Immigration By 25 March, 2016 1 Comment

By Alvaro Alexander Bernat Müller

More than 11.1 million illegal immigrants and a maximum of 40 million legal immigrants are the reason why immigration has been such a debated topic in Europe and as well in the U.S. Not only in the past, but also this last decade. The economic crisis that started in 2005 and that is now fading away is the main reason why politicians, economists, and regular citizens have been focusing more in immigration policies than in anything else.

INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE: My experience with refugees

Immigration By 13 December, 2015 No Comments

By Silvia Mingarelli 

The role of the mediator is complex because it is not only to translate and interpret; There are many other issues at stake. Intercultural competence is needed. I worked for a long time in Italy, Perugia as intercultural mediator in schools. Our interventions relate mostly socio-economically disadvantaged migrants and applicants for international protection.

REFUGEES: The roots of prejudice in the fight for jobs

Immigration By 5 October, 2015 No Comments

by Robin Chater – Secretary-General of the Federation of International Employers and Stefanie Claudia Müller

Accroding to the book “The Roots of Prejudice” by Arnold Rose prejudice is essentially a rational reaction to a world where demand for opportunities outstrips supply. If you are a white male and you can persuade your employer to consider females and non-white job applicants as inherently inferior then your own chances of securing a desired job are immediately increased. 

GERMAN LABOUR MARKET: Immigrants are welcome

Immigration, Jobs By 4 October, 2015 No Comments

Finding a full-time job in Germany as a foreigner can be tough. While the number of international graduates is constantly increasing and a majority of them wishes to stay in Germany to work, only 25 percent succeed in finding full-time employment. Antti Kapanen from the HTW Berlin is an expert on this topic.  In the six-week online course “Employability”students and graduates in Germany get concrete tools to be succesful in the jobsearch.