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SPAIN: You need a lot of patience in many restaurants

Culture, Europe bad and good By 10 September, 2016 No Comments

Saturday evening in Madrid. I was thrilled.  At long last and after several fruitless attempts I had managed to get a table at a much praised restaurant in a trendy part of town. The elaborate menu promised an unforgetable experience… Two hours later I left the restaurant having eaten some fabulous food, but with no intention of recommending the place. What went wrong? Well, pretty much everything except for the food.

SPAIN: The culture of lying

Culture, Europe bad and good By 22 June, 2016 No Comments

by Hillmann Hollister and Stefanie Claudia Müller

The Hispanic world nurtures a certain hypocritical culture, a mix of educated discretion and a lack of validity. In the work force in Spain and Latin America it is difficult to tell if someone is saying “no” or if they’re saying “I can’t”. One will always find an indirect manner to say no. Lying is ugly, but the absence of the truth is healthy and convenient for many Hispanics. And even though it pains us to realize it, we have to lie or hide the truth so that we don’t hurt people and so that they respect us as well, because this is another: If I say it they will say it back to me situation. For this reason, it’s necessary to be polite sometimes. This is the “made in Spain” form of lying.

SPAIN: How is studying in Spain?

Europe bad and good By 27 February, 2016 No Comments

As an American student studying in Spain, I receive credit based on my performance in two areas. I can receive up to four credits at my home institution for outstanding performance as an intern at a Spanish company; the other four credits are awarded according to the grade I receive in a class taken at a Spanish institution of higher learning.

CORRUPTION: A serious issue in Spain

Europe bad and good, Jobs By 2 February, 2016 No Comments

Translated by Silvia Mingarelli, written by Stefanie Müller and edited by Grace Guliano

In the higher moment of unemployment in Spain, public education funding goes directly into the savings of companies, associations, chambers of commerce, parties and trade unions without even giving a second thought. But with the discovery of the recent school scam in Andalusia, more is being realized about corruption in Spain.

CORRUPTION: Why is Spain Under Suspicion?

Europe bad and good By 11 January, 2016 No Comments


by Stefanie Claudia Müller, Madrid
A country cannot attract foreign investors without a good image. We are talking about industrial, sustainable investment, not speculation. This idea of an image goes together with legal security and political stability. Spain does not even offers the latter anymore after the start of the independence process in Catalonia and the insecurity about the Central Government. Not to talk about the still high level of corruption