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Spain’s image abroad

Culture By 5 May, 2020 No Comments

Spain is the land of beaches, cheerful people, relax and sun, but also of culture, music, theatre and art. There are hardly more creative people on the planet than in Spain, creative in everything … as well in making up, hiding, cheating, but also in overcoming. We asked a Dutch person living in Barcelona how it felt these days to be in Spain.

NOTODOFILMFEST: Equality in Film

Culture By 26 July, 2019 No Comments

By Paloma Márquez

NOTODOFILMFEST is changing the way films are seen, literally. The film festival is paving the way for on the spot viewership, allowing audiences to watch short movies online and on mobile devices from an application. It is the way the world is moving towards, and people already watch everything on their mobile devices. The film fest is open to anyone who wants to register before the deadline of September 10th. The participants can start submitting their short films beginning July 10th and win the prize of 3,000 Euros, if selected as a winner. Manuela Burló Moreno, the director of Rumbos, will be a judge during the film festival with the induration of Hamlet, de Gloria Ramos.

SPAIN: Spanish culture vs the US

Culture By 21 June, 2019 No Comments

by Andrea Sagay

The first dimension is power distance. Power distance is a dimension that addresses a society’s willingness to accept that there are inequalities between individuals. This is probably the most similar the two countries are, looking at all the dimensions. Despite that, they are still pretty different. The next dimension is Individualism. On this dimension Spain has a score of 51. This dimension shows how much members rely or depend on each other.

Basically, do the people in that society identify as a “we” or an “I”. Spain is a lot less individualistic than the United States, which has a score of 91. The third dimension is Masculinity. This dimension focuses on whether masculine or feminine values. A society with masculine values focuses more on competition, achievement and success.

MADRID: City of avantgarde

Culture By 20 June, 2019 1 Comment

by Stefanie Claudia Müller

The cultural scene in Madrid is getting more and more international and diverse. The best example of how the Spanish capital has become a trendsetter is the Teatro Canal with its very different plays and performances. The recent show of Choy Ka Fai with Soft Machine, Surjit & Rianto was a breathtaking journey into a completely different world of dancing and expressing.

LA BANDA: The Rhythm of Life

Culture By 18 June, 2019 No Comments

by Paloma Márquez


LA BANDA is a heartfelt coming of age movie filled with real-life scenarios between friends and family. Roberto Bueso, who debuts as a director, states that the story is based on his feelings when he left his hometown, Valencia, Spain, to study cinematography like Edu. A young adult who went to London to pursue his passion for music. However, he goes back home for his brother’s wedding and then ponders how long he will stay home. While he is home, he is forced to face old feelings that he hadn’t dealt with his family and friends.