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Arantza Méndez-Aguirre

SPANISH POLITICIANS: ¿A class of egocentric fools?

Culture By 24 June, 2017 No Comments

With the already sometime ago release of her first  book Bajo las alfrombras del congreso, a vivid scan of dayly life in the Spanish Congress, Ketty Garat, was a young, dynamic exponent of what free journalism means nowadays. Bajo las alfrombras del congreso is the starting point for her new crusade: a seamless, unbiased, neat journalism, based on what she really perceives, far away from those restrictions directly imposed by ideological, political and economical powers. Ketty Garat easily conforms the Planet-BPM profile as a young, internationally driven professional, who defends adventure. Like Charles Dickens at the beginning of his career, for four years now, Ketty Garat has worked as a parliamentary journalist, reporting on both the Congress debates and election campaigns…


Jobs By 22 October, 2016 2 Comments

León Arsenal’s real name is José Antonio Alvaro, but chose to write under a pseudonym simply because when he started writing his career was dramatically different. For many years, León worked as a Marine Pilot. This intensive travelling overseas provided him with plenty of time to be with himself at the gun deck, and the opportunity to convey his thoughts onto a piece of paper.

COMMUNICATION: Language Expert Terry McLean tells us how to communicate better

Culture, Jobs, Living By 2 October, 2016 No Comments

Terry Mclean is a clear exponent of present times, a professional who understands what cultural awareness implies in every way. English-born, he is fluent in seven more European languages and wisely polarizes his professional skills. He is a communication expert that is especially focused on intercultural differences. A continuous, inexhaustible development of his actual and potential capabilities – in a few words, his main assets – has made Terry a master of reinvention. He can now pride on a rich, multifaceted career, and tell us about his world-wide experience. We have had the pleasure to speak with him about it.

SPAIN: Interviewing journalist Fernando Delgado about being a writer

Culture, Jobs By 22 September, 2016 No Comments

With the release of his last book La verdad también se inventa, a coral novel featured by a group of perturbed minds participating in a radio program, Planet-BPM interviewed the Spanish Journalist and author Fernando Delgado, and talked about many different aspects of culture, literature and media in both Spain, as compared to European average.

BEING A WRITER: Interviewing Olya Thompson

Jobs By 14 March, 2016 No Comments

In as an European platform for Networking we are continuously seeking for new talents with no language and/or cultural barriers, and that is why we are extremely pleased to introduce you to Olya Thompson, and her contributions to universal literature by means of both her essays and articles.  Olya’s cultural wealth and intellectual legacy – as a Ukrainian American – are constantly poured in her “seamless” writing, continuously triggered by both her personal experience and a deeply genuine perception of present times. Her concerns have to do with Europe, her origin. In her own words, “I am a writer of commentary and literary essays. I believe that there is a moral component of writing that consists of a sense of social responsibility”.

Please, sneak into our mailbox and meet Olya Thompson.