We Don’t Have Time is a social media platform that connects everyone who wants to solve the climate crisis. By sending Climate Reviews to companies, leaders and organizations, our users encourage change and help speed up the transition. This year, the best climate reviews will be awarded a total sum of 5,000 USD. And the winners will be invited up on stage in front of millions of viewers.

To boost even more engagement, the We Don’t Have Time Foundation last year instituted a grant for the best climate reviews of the year. The foundation is the main shareholder in the limited company (WeDontHaveTime AB), which operates the network with the same name. ”We cannot solve this unless we work together. Our community is actively driving change and encouraging business and leaders to take immediate climate action”, says David Olsson, co-founder of We Don’t Have Time. Watch this video to see how simple it is to get going. When a climate review reaches 100 agrees or more, We Don’t Have Time reaches out to the company, organization or public figure and ask for a reply.

But do the targeted recipients actually respond? Yes, the We Don’t Have Time community has so far successfully initiated more than 100 climate dialogues with companies and organizations, including the governments of Brazil and Norway, and corporate giants like FacebookAmazonShellVolvo and Tesco.

How to participate:

1. Download the We Don’t Have Time app or use the Web app to create an account.

2. Post your climate review and share it on all your social media platforms.

3. If more than 100 people agree to your Idea, Love, or Warning, you’ve made it to the finals. Now you have the chance to win up to 2,500 USD.

4. A jury will examine all climate reviews and decide which ones have the greatest potential to create real change.

The winners will be presented on stage during COP26. The best climate review will receive a grant of 2 500 USD. The second best will receive 2 500 USD and the the bronze medalist 1 000 USD.