Hien Nguyen from Vietnam graduated in 2019 and is now specialized in Automotive Management. We asked her how she likes Germany, why she chose to study here and what are here further goals.

Why did you choose the MBA&E study programme?

First of all, it was the only MBA programme in Berlin that offered courses for people who want to develop further in their automotive career, no matter which background one has (business or engineering). Second, it doesn’t require GMAT as its prerequisite for admission.

Why do you think this study programme is special?

This programme outweighs other normal MBA programs by providing a mixture of business administration and engineering. It broadens student’s perspectives in both worlds, which helps them to become much more competent after their graduation.

What’s your job now?

Currently, I am working as a Recruitment Specialist at Mc Group, Germany.

How did HTW apport to your career?

This course has brought to my life wonderful international friends, with who I stay in touch until now. Besides, I found my love for Human Resources Management and Organisation kind of developed during the time I’m there. That is why I work now in the field of HRM.

What would you like to recommend to others?

I would recommend the students to learn how to do scientific research beforehand as it plays a big role in the grading system of the university. For example, qualitative/quantitative method, citing, and even Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/Powerpoint). One other important fact is that they also need to learn German at least to B1 level before coming to Germany. Many companies prefer to offer internship or master thesis topic for those who speak already some/good German.

What memories do you have of your studies in Berlin?

I would say the professionalism of the professors at the university. Some of them did work beyond what the job required them to do.