Dhanashri Patankar from India graduated in 2019 from the Berlin University HTW with the specialization: Global Procurement. She is now working for Siemens.

Dhanashri Patankar tells us in a short interview what she especially liked about her time in Berlin.

Why did you choose the MBA&E study program at HTW Berlin?

The tuition fee was less than other MBA program (e.g. MBA in US), and this MBA is for engineering background. I also wanted to study in Berlin and the study was not so long, prolonged in 3 semesters.

What do you think makes this program special?

Various specializations made the programme special.

How does this study benefit your career and your life?

The program provided me not only theoretical background but also practical knowledge (from practice and from professor’s experience). There were many competitions sponsored by companies within the program, and professors had very good connections with industry.

What’s your job now?

I work in Strategic Procurement at Siemens.

What would you like to recommend the students on their way?

They should try their best and do assignment on your own, explore projects and work equally in the group.

What memories do you have of Germany?

I was working overnight for one presentation and got point 1.0 as a result. Hanging out with friends, trying  various kind of German beer, cooking, BBQ were also among my most beautiful memories.