Coronavirus has made finding employment hard over the past year, especially for new graduates. Malta has the highest graduate employment rate across Europe! With a whopping 93.4% of recent graduates employed, it seems Malta’s workforce is strong – the pandemic’s effects on these numbers will be interesting to see. In second place is Germany with graduate employment at 92.7%. The stats are a testament to Germany’s impressive education system and decade-long employment boom.
Clinching third and fourth are the Netherlands at 91.9% and Iceland with an equally impressive 91.5%. Flipping the results, the European country with the worst employment rates for graduates is North Macedonia – a shockingly low 57.2%. Following North Macedonia is Turkey with 57.8%. Social unrest and political repercussions may be to blame for low numbers here. Also battling economic issues, Italy and Greece follow with 58.7% and 59.4%, respectively.