Childcare tops the list as the happiest sector with 239 points, despite being the most unsatisfied with their remuneration (-76 points) and then:
  • Second is Finance & Banking (232 points), followed by police and firefighters from the Public Security sector (227 points)
  • Health Care and Education are the least satisfied sectors when it comes to mental health and employee empowerment
  • Marketing & Digital Media professionals are the most unsatisfied with the sector’s toxic culture (-54 points)
  • Hospitality professionals overall are the least satisfied sector with just 83 points in total!
Which sectors are the most satisfied? Childcare tops the list as the sector with the most satisfied professionals with 239 points overall. The sector scored the most points for positive impact on others(99), indicating nannies and childminders are most happy with how their job affects people’s lives. Although only behind Finance/Banking (90 points) when it comes to satisfaction with employee empowerment (86 points), childcare professionals scored the lowest (-76) for personal remuneration, followed by Education (-75 points).