Thanks to a more international cultural management and a very intelligent Covid-19 protocol the Spanish capital is in 2020/21 Europe’s cultural capital with the museum, theatre and opera widely open. They not just offer an escape programme to its due to the pandemic highly stressed and socially distanced population, but also give work to German, American and French artists who have no assignments since months and don’t receive as much aid as other sectors, since most of them are working freelance.

Two brilliant examples of cultural excellence are the Teatro Real, the Madrid opera, and the Teatros de Canal, a contempory dance and theatre hall with an each time more international and demanding programme. People are longing for cultural food and therefor this evening when Lucía Lacarra with her Canadian partner Matthew Golding dance to the music of “Fordlandia” the public accepts the invitation to let go their imagination. 10 minutes of standing ovations for one of the best Spanish female ballet dancers and the choreographer Matthew Golding who manages to combine with this piece video art, music and dance in an unique and fantastic way.


In these hard times for cultural institutions the Spanish capital has created new alliance which help to join forces, save costs and attract different public. In this sense the premiere of “Marie”, a new modern version of the tragic classic German drama “Woyzek” taking place in the Teatro de la Abadia, but with the support of the Opera Teatro Real means also that Madrid starts to become very innovative in finding creative solutions to the current situation. The artists all over the world want to work and the public seeks positive distraction. Luckily Madrid tries to keep on going and giving them work. #madridmola