If you want to have a secure job you should choose one in engineering. The pandemic has made more clear than ever how we need secure networks and good access to internet in our homes where more and more people work from now on. It is undeniable that technology has become an integral part of our lives. In fact, both individuals and organisations have grown heavily reliant on the technical tools of today.

According to a study of Prolifics Testing the greatest demand for any technology job across Europe is the role of an AI Engineer in Italy, with a remarkable 4,941 job vacancies. Although it was also the most in-demand job in Romania, there were 14 times less vacancies available there, with 351.

The United Kingdom was home to the second most in-demand role across Europe, with our data finding 3,759 vacancies for the role of a Systems Engineer. In fact, the need for Systems Engineers appeared rife across Europe, since it was the most in demand role across six European countries. Despite having only a small fraction of the job vacancies available in the UK, the role of a systems engineer proved to be the most in-demand technology job in the following countries also:

Switzerland (555 Job Vacancies)
Turkey (499 Job Vacancies)
France (268 Job Vacancies)
Finland (47 Job Vacancies)
Sweden (125 Job Vacancies)

Poland had the third greatest demand for any technology role in Europe, boasting a significant 1,904 job vacancies for the role of a Java Developer. Despite having 1,314 less job vacancies, Java Developers were also the most sought after in Russia, with 590 vacancies up for grabs! System Administrators in Germany are also in luck, since we found that this role is the fourth most in-demand technology job across Europe, with Germany offering its inhabitants an impressive 1,573 vacancies. In fact, the demand for the role of System Administrators was specific and exclusive to Germany, since it didn’t appear to be the most in demand technology role in any other European country. The number of vacancies for Software Engineers made candidates for this profession most sought after in Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland and Norway. However, the greatest number of vacancies for this role can be found in The Netherlands.

Developer is still a secure career

The data also revealed that Developer jobs of all varieties were the most searched for roles amongst Brits, with Web, Java, Software, Python and PHP Developer roles all placing in the top 10 technology jobs Brits are most interested in. This means that half of the 10 most sought after technology roles in Britain involve becoming a Developer!

Interestingly, despite the UK being home to the largest quantity of vacancies for Systems Engineers, the title failed to score a place in the 10 technology roles most sought after by Brits, suggesting that these roles may be listed for some time before they are filled. Of the 13 languages analysed, Python was the most popular programming language by far, with ‘Learning Python’ searched 18,400 times on average each month on Google! Placing second with just over a quarter of the number of searches made for Python was SQL, with 5,250 search queries monthly. Meanwhile, Java and JavaScript scored third and fourth place, both with over 4000 monthly searches by those looking to learn. Rounding off the top five programming languages that Brits most want to become proficient in was C++, a language which caters for all levels. With an average monthly search volume of 3,600, it appears that this programming language is also very popular amongst Brits.