Research by Psychic World reveals the 5 most common dreams Europeans have about the workplace and what these dreams might mean – including running late, realising you are naked and having sex with a colleague!

The 5 most common dreams are:

  • Being late/forgetting you have work (64%)
  • Unprepared for a presentation (58%)
  • Realising you are naked (47%)
  • Having sex with a colleague (42%)
  • Trapped in the toilet/lift (38%)

What these dreams might mean:

Being late/forgetting you have work
This dream contains a subject we are all aware of, being late. Whether being late ourselves, or waiting for someone else, we have all experienced lateness in some form. Psychic World believes that this dream suggests you may be missing out on something or not doing what you want in your career.

Unprepared for a presentation
This anxiety dream may be reality for a few people, but when it invades your sleep, it could suggest that you’re lacking in confidence about your work. If it’s recurring you should think about opening up to someone you trust at work.

Realising you are naked
This one is a classic, had by everyone when they were a kid at school, but for some people this continues into adult work. Now it is no surprise that this dream suggests feeling exposed and can link to the idea of a lack of confidence, hence why you feel like you “stand out” in your workplace.

Having sex with a colleague
No this doesn’t mean you’re attracted to this person (unless you know you are…). This could instead be a very heavy handed way of your brain telling you that this person has attributes in the workplace that you want to have yourself.

Trapped in the toilet/lift
This unfortunate dream occurs due to a feeling of being stuck in your job, with no prospect of moving forward or growing. If this continues something may need to change for you career-wise. Try speaking to your boss about how your career is going to progress.