Japan is the country offering the highest salaries for Digital Marketeers (€63,964), while the United Kingdom offers the lowest salary for Digital Marketing Managers (€35,920). A Digital Marketeer’s salary can increase by approximately €30,000 depending on their years of experience. Web Developers, E-Commerce Managers and PR Managers are the highest earners amongst digital careers.

Over the past years we have noticed significant leaps in technology which have changed our lives in many ways, including the way with work. Digital skills are needed more than ever and will continue to grow in popularity as technology continues to evolve, making it a great industry to join. With that in mind, the marketing experts at Reboot Digital Marketing Agency sought to find out more about the benefits of being a Digital Marketeer across the globe. By searching through job listings from different countries, Reboot Digital Marketing Agency was able to identify the average salary a Digital Marketing Manager can earn.

Digital Japan – pays what it needs to

The best country to be a Digital Marketing Manager has been revealed to be Japan, where the professional can earn €63,964 on average. Next on the list we find China, the country offering a whopping €62,329 to their digital specialist. USA is third on the list with €61,151. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the United Kingdom, where the average Digital Marketing Manager is earning €35,920, almost half as much as they would earn in Japan. The European country that values Digital Marketing skills the most is Denmark, where you can earn around €60,616. Experience pays a great role in how much a person earns, so Reboot Digital Marketing Agency had a look at the salaries a Digital Marketing Manager can expect depending on how many years they’ve worked under that role.