‘Initiative’ is the most commonly misspelled word on a CV.  Amazingly ‘Perfectionist’ as well. 73% of hiring managers said they would be less likely to hire or offer an interview to an applicant with multiple spelling mistakes on their CV.  Resume.io’s survey revealed that 41% of respondents have guessed how to spell words on their CVs. Furthermore ‘Implemented’ and ‘Corresponding’ tied in 6th place, at 14%. ‘Achieved’ is next with 9% of mentions misspelled in CVs.

A spokesperson for Resume.io, Menno Olsthoorn, commented: “Quite a few people even misspelled the name of their employer (for example MacDonald’s instead of McDonald’s). Curriculum vitae was also misspelled regularly, while profesional (or proffessional) and acurate are two words that you really want to spell correctly.”

Expert Tips For Writing Your CV:

1. Read through your CV thoroughly before sending it to make sure there are no grammatical errors. A second opinion from a family member or friend might help too!
2. When using spell check, ensure it is correcting your words to GB English, instead of US English in case you apply in Europe.
3. Try to keep it concise and structured- you don’t need fancy language to come across as a good candidate.
4. Use online tools, such as Grammarly, which will spot your mistakes faster than you can!

Think about a Video CV, you cannot make spelling mistakes :)!