Spain is the land of beaches, cheerful people, relax and sun, but also of culture, music, theatre and art. There are hardly more creative people on the planet than in Spain, creative in everything … as well in making up, hiding, cheating, but also in overcoming. We asked a Dutch person living in Barcelona how it felt these days to be in Spain.

Jasper van Dorrestein loved Spain and its people all his life –  especially the relaxed lifestyle compared to Northern Europe. That is why he has chosen the country above any other to try to make a living there. His experience is as beautiful as tough living with Catalan seperatism and Spanish way of trying to pay the less possible to their workers. But on the other hand the beach is close and so are the people. In that sense as a touchy and very close person the lockdown is a tough experience for the entrepreneur and expert on tourism. What Spain misses is trust, he believes.