We get more and more suspicous about everything and everyone. But we have to admit there is nothing bad about a guy like George Soros that announced that he will create a new university network to better prepare students for current and future global challenges with an investment of one billion dollars. The network, which will operate throughout the world, is named the Open Society University Network (OSUN).

But of course we wonder what ideology and moral mindset he wants to teach there. It will still be “old school” or will it teach a new Economic system. For the moment we know that it will offer simultaneously taught network courses and joint degree programs and regularly bring students and faculty from different countries together with in-person and online discussions.

The good news: OSUN will seek to promote rigorous education and reach institutions in need of international partners, as well as neglected populations, such as refugees, incarcerated people, the Roma and other displaced groups. OSUN, with the help of its allies, is ready to start a massive “scholars at risk” program, merging a large number of academically excellent but politically endangered scholars into this new global network.

George Soros is without any doubt one of the biggest financial sharks on earth and contributed without any doubt with his risky investments to inequality and the exploitation of the planet, although he now tries to sail in the wind of Greta Thunberg and “green deal”. But however his welcome and investment for education and sustainibilty at this stage of his life is good news. If he becomes a better person because of that.., stays to proof. We cannot cause problems with economic profit and then even profit from solving them.