by Zakary Dychtwald

Amidst these truly interesting, bizarre, sometimes sad, often exciting times, I’m proud to share a long-form TV feature about my work. We dive into the topics of China today, the inspiration and impetus for my book and work with Young China Group, the Aspen Ideas Festival, and issues I see impacting China and the US today.

Two interesting happenings that shine a light on the different sides of China:

First of all Hong Kong elections showed a strong support for pro-democracy representatives. How did these protests start? What have they become? Where will they end? One important deadline to keep in mind is Taiwanese elections in January of 2020. Nobody is watching the activity in Hong Kong more intently than those in Taiwan.

Another thing: In just the 1st hour of Singles Day, Alibaba sold 2x that of the entirety of Amazon Prime Day and all of Brazil spends in a year on ecommerce.