Acting President Sánchez reaches a preliminary agreement with Unidas Podemos Socialist Party (PSOE) leader and acting Spanish President Pedro Sánchez and Unidas Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias have reached a preliminary 10-point agreement for a coalition government. With this agreement, Sánchez will try to gain support from other parties to win the presidency and guarantee his ability to govern throughout the entire legislative period.

In the coming weeks, the two political leaders will negotiate the policies they will develop in greater detail. The new government’s structure and positions will be explained after the investiture.

1. Consolidate growth and job creation. Fight job insecurity and guarantee decent, stable and quality work.

2. Heal and fight against corruption. Protect public services, especially education—including by promoting nursery schools for children aged 0-3—public health and dependency care. Shield elders’ pensions, ensure the sustainability of the public pension system and restructure it according to current cost of living. Establish housing as a right, not mere merchandise. Promote science as an engine for economic innovation and improve working conditions in this sector. Regain emigrated talent. Control the expansion of betting offices.

3. Fight against climate change. Carry out a just ecological transition, protect our biodiversity and guarantee the dignified treatment of animals.

4. Strengthen small and medium enterprises and bolster the self-employed. Promote reindustrialization and the primary sector. Ensure the Public Administration provides the basis for the creation of wealth, welfare and employment, as well as drives the digital revolution.

5. Approve new rights enhancing people’s dignity, including the right to a dignified death and euthanasia. Safeguard diversity to ensure Spain remains a memorable, dignified country.

6. Ensure culture as a right and combat job insecurity in the sector. Promote sports as a way to guarantee health, social integration and quality of life.

7. Promote feminist policies. Guarantee women’s security, independence and freedom by fighting gender-based violence, promoting equal pay, establishing equal and non-transferable paternity and maternity leave, ending human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and developing a labor equality bill.

8. Reverse depopulation. Provide support for the so-called “empty Spain.”

9. Ensure coexistence in Catalonia. Have the national government prioritize coexistence in Catalonia and the normalization of political life. To that end, encourage dialogue in Catalonia, seeking formulas for understanding and finding common ground, always working within the Spanish Constitution. Strengthen the regional structure [known as “Estado de las Autonomías”] to ensure the adequate provision of rights and services each region is responsible for. Guarantee equality among all Spaniards.

10. Balance fiscal justice and budgets. Evaluate and control public spending to maintain a solid and lasting welfare state.