The Basque Government won the regional and local government category at the Climate Leaders Awards, for their ongoing and proactive projects to combat climate change. The Basque government has created multiple initiatives and has invested money towards combating climate change since 2000.

The goal

In 2000 the Basque Country approved its Environmental Strategy for Sustainable Development which started the road map towards the country’s goal, to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 and to become carbon neutral by 2050. The goal will be accomplished through the passing of the future Climate Change Act of the Basque country, which is currently in motion. To accomplish this goal the Basque government has funded mitigation and adaptation projects.

Initiatives to accomplish the goal

The Basque Country is being recognized for their initiatives. Initiatives such as the Basque Country Climate Week, Asteklima who’s purpose was to inform citizens about the current climate crisis. Asteklima took place March 1st through the 9th, it was a nine-day event, organized at 49 Basque municipalities with over 100 activities.

Change the Change International Climate Change Conference is another initiative the Basque government is being recognized for. Change the Change is the culminating event for Asteklima, which goes on for three days and has international press coverage. The purpose for Change the Change is the same as Asteklima’s to inform citizens about climate change and help them make changes to combat climate change. Informing citizens about the crisis of climate change and helping them committee to specific life changes in order to combat climate change is one of the ways the Basque country plans on becoming a carbon-neutral Country by 2050.