Led by political science professor José Antonio Peña of the University of Granada, Spain, the 2019 edition of the World Electoral Freedom Index (WEFI) has just been released. This research is conducted by Spain-based Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty in collaboration with Chile’s Universidad Autónoma.

The index is based on over forty basic indicators, all of them from official and acknowledged academic, sources in order to produce four sub-indices: Political Development, Active Suffrage, Passive Suffrage and Elector Empowerment. Virtually all matters considered by political scientists to assess the integrity and freedom of an electoral system have been taken into account. The WEFI 2019 is led by Ireland with slightly over 80 points out of a maximum of 100. Second comes Switzerland also above 80 points. But one has to keep in mind that those two are also tax havens and have a quite questionable image of tax evasion and money laundering.

Portugal entre los países con más libertad electoral

Portugal is among the highest ranked in the Western European countries, followed byz Spain (50), the United States (54), Germany (57) and Belgium (77). In fact, Europe and the Americas are by far the best world regions for electoral freedom, with some noticeable exceptions like Russia (140) and Belarus (160) in Europe, or Cuba (186), Guyana (151) and Venezuela (128) in the Americas. Venezuela has dropped over two score points since 2018, losing 25 index position as a parallel, “constituent” parliament was installed and the regime’s harassment to the elected chamber mounted. The bottom of the 2018 ranking is shared by countries with only formal active and passive suffrage or none at all, including North Korea (190), China (192), Saudi Arabia (197) and Brunei, which comes last. as the 198th