Smarthpones are the principle cause of car accidents. Therefore interviews Harald Trautsch CEO of Dolphin Technologies in Austria. They developed a way to drive properly without watching your phone and gaining money with it, via an app of course. But the good thing it you do not have to look at it while driving, just drive and then stop and look what you have gained.

How did you come up with the idea?

We are working in the insurance telematics space for more than a decade, providing safety services such as automatic crash notification, as well as Pay-How-You-Drive solutions to price insurance customers based on their driving style. At one point we decided to not only being there for people when something bad has already happened or to reduce the insurance premium but to actually avoid accidents. As smartphone usage is the number one cause of car accidents we took this as a starting point.

How does it work?

The Mobilio app can determine when you’re driving. If you don’t use your phone during that time you’ll get points which can be converted to Mobilio tokens. We are currently working to recruit partners such as insurance companies and other businesses to accept this currency as a means of payment.

In addition, starting from the first quarter of 2020, it will be possible to transfer your Mobilio tokens (MOB) to an ETH wallet. From this point on it will be possible to exchange MOB for other currencies (initially through decentralized exchanges, but eventually through other exchanges as well). It works for Android phones and Apple iPhones.

Do you have proof that it avoids accidents?

Yes! We have such programs in place since 2017 and also have done a study on that-

How many people are using it ?

We started on August 8 this year and have about 50k users.

Where are your markets?

We mainly target Europe and North America.

Would your technology also be interesting for Smart Cities?

Yes! We can predict vehicle usage and traffic. We also can warn people in order to avoid accidents (i.e. “don’t use your car today because of a hail storm”).


How do you earn money?

We will earn a percentage on transactions when insurance companies get involved. Based on the Mobilio app they can then warn their customers and remunerate risk averse behavior.