Is University even worth the money? The data team at Satsuma have crunched the numbers to find out.

With 97.5% entering into further study or sustained employment within the first year of leaving university, graduates in the field of Medicine and Dentistry are the most likely to be in full time work or education after completing their course. Closely following behind in second place is the subject of Nursing, with 95.2% of graduates either entering the workplace or staying on for extra study within one year of completing their course.

Top Ten of careers

While everything to health is promising, graduates with degrees in Languages, Linguistics and Classics are the least likely to find sustained employment or further educational opportunities with just 79.8% being in full-time work or study one year after graduating. Here you view the full list of degrees.

Which degrees pay you the most and the least after graduating?

It’s bad news for Creative Arts and Design graduates, five years after leaving University the average salary is just £20,500 per annum – that’s £7,100 LESS than the current UK average salary of £27,600. Agriculture graduates earn the second-lowest after five years, pulling in just £21,700. Humanities and Liberal Arts students earn the third-lowest five years after completing their course on £21,800.

At the other end of the spectrum, Medicine and Dentistry students once again top the pile, earning £47,100 five years after graduation; followed by Economics graduates (£40,200) and Engineering graduates (£34,300).