By Paloma Márquez

NOTODOFILMFEST is changing the way films are seen, literally. The film festival is paving the way for on the spot viewership, allowing audiences to watch short movies online and on mobile devices from an application. It is the way the world is moving towards, and people already watch everything on their mobile devices. The film fest is open to anyone who wants to register before the deadline of September 10th. The participants can start submitting their short films beginning July 10th and win the prize of 3,000 Euros, if selected as a winner. Manuela Burló Moreno, the director of Rumbos, will be a judge during the film festival with the induration of Hamlet, de Gloria Ramos.


Hamlet, de Gloria Ramos is a short film that is opening the film festival. The short film is set to make the audience laugh with its comedic relief and a topic everyone is a fan of comics.

The actress Gloria Ramos is the first woman to be nominated for the prize “Premio Goya” with intellectual incapacity. She is the godmother of el Premio Fundación Repsol Rompiendo Barreras (the award Foundation Repsol Breaking down Walls). During the beginning of the festival Ramos, she said loved acting and cannot wait to act again. She might even consider it as a career because she loved it so much.


The director, Manuel was asked why he selected both of the main characters with Asperger’s syndrome, he responded with “they are as people just like you and I. They are real people, they fall in love, they are funny, they love comics. That’s an important reality that everyone needs to realize. They did great.” The originality of this is essential to note and will set a precedent for the upcoming films that will include people with disabilities. They need to be heard too! The cast taped for grueling 14 hours straight but are proud of their final product and enjoyed every minute of it.

The directors have also decided to cast someone who isn’t well known. Manuela Burló Moreno made sure to note that there are actors who are incredible and not identified on the big screen. She wants to give opportunities to them because they are actors too!

Want to Participate?

Each video can be up to 3 minutes and 30 seconds long except for the category of Notodo de 30 Segundos (seconds) long films. The judges will be taking into consideration different film techniques, sound, production, artistic emblems, acting, and cinematography. There will be prizes for the categories of best actor and actress and themes in films of the social cinema.