The Basque Country has one of the highest life satisfaction rates in Europe, as confirmed by the latest OECD Well-Being Indicator. It also scored highly on the 2013 OECD Human Development Index and has the third highest per capita income and productivity rate in the EU. A new Headhunting Support Centre will provide Basque Country-based organisations access to latest sectoral trends and real-time market data, so they can effectively headhunt skilled professionals across the globe. An online tool will compliment Bizkaia Talent’s other talent-mapping efforts, relocation services and recruitment events – and provide access to a network of 12,500 skilled professionals from more than 100 countries.

Basque country about to conquer the data world

With a high percentage of its gross domestic product (GDP) dedicated to research and development (R&D), and a glowing ranking with the OECD’s Wellbeing Index, the Basque Country is well placed to accommodate such workers and is on its way to becoming a global hub of innovation and growth. It is already home to a number of business giants, including Iberdrola, one of the world’s largest energy suppliers, and compares favourably with Madrid and Barcelona as a ‘scale-up’ destination.

The Biscay Government has introduced a series of incentives, including technical support services and tax breaks for workers and entrepreneurs that choose to relocate – with foreign professionals arriving, and expats returning from Europe, the US and other countries, eligible for an income tax deduction of up to 35% across their income, for up to six years.

The Government is also supporting Bizkaia Talent’s outreach efforts, including its Basque Talent Observatory, Basque Talent Map, and ‘Be Basque’ meetings and conferences across major cities in Europe and the US. So far, in 2019, Bizkaia Talent has registered almost 2,000 skilled professionals to its Network following talent-mapping events in Amsterdam, Boston, Gothenburg and Helsinki, and will be followed by Hannover, London and Dusseldorf, and a major big conference in Paris, by the end of the year.

Talents wanted

The Biscay Government and their strategic partner, Bizkaia Talent, believe these coordinated platforms will highlight the appeal of the Basque Country to skilled professionals – and particularly those of STEM backgrounds – and help future-proof the region’s industry and economy. Bizkaia Talent is a non-profit-making association, promoted by the Territorial and Economic Development Department of the County Council of Biscay, which fosters the conditions and processes for retaining, attracting and collaborating with highly skilled professionals.

It hosts regular talent-mapping events across Europe and the USA and can boast a series of world-leading schemes, which focus on up-skilling the Basque labour force, supporting the recruitment needs of Basque-based companies, and attracting foreign direct investment to the semi-autonomous region. More information at:

Bizkaia Talent announces the re-launch of their world-leading Career Development Centre, which provides global professionals a platform to view the latest sector-by-sector trends, qualification requirements, and job opportunities in the region. Centres form part a wider strategy to future-proof the region’s economy and reverse effects of “brain drain” to countries such as France, Germany and the UK following 2008 global downturn.

The new Headhunting Support Centre (HSC) will provide Basque-based businesses access to real-time market data – such as sectoral conditions and labour trends – so that they can refine their recruitment strategies and develop bespoke and globally-competitive job packages for prospective employees. Using data drawn from a variety of sources, including Addeco, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Eurostat, and the millions of items of sectoral information collected by the Basque Talent Observatory and Basque Employment Service, the platform provides information on and access to:

Commenting on the launch of the new platforms, Bizkaia Talent’s Managing Director, Ivan Jimenez, said:

The global race for skilled labour is at an all-time high, and, with the rise of new technologies and the increased flexibility and mobility of workers, we’re looking to provide a platform that will allow Basque-based businesses to compete for the world’s best talent

The new centres will help businesses and professionals individualise their recruitment and career strategies with the support of live market data – and complement our existing talent-mapping efforts across Europe and the Americas.

With its strong industrial history, and marrying of business, liberal traditions and a southern European lifestyle, we believe the Basque Country is an attractive place for professionals and investors to live and work. For those raising a family, its combination of natural beauty, low crime, lively streets, high levels of happiness and successful education and health system also make it a stand-out and globally-competitive option.