by Stefanie Claudia Müller

The cultural scene in Madrid is getting more and more international and diverse. The best example of how the Spanish capital has become a trendsetter is the Teatro Canal with its very different plays and performances. The recent show of Choy Ka Fai with Soft Machine, Surjit & Rianto was a breathtaking journey into a completely different world of dancing and expressing.

The Singapore based choreographer Choy Ka Fai invited a dancer from India and one from Indonesia to show their cultural roots and show the Madrid public a part of the modern dance world that we don’t normally get to see. Combined with the documentary material, they showed us how they merge their dance performance with their cultural background and how everything is connected in the end.

Are we becoming a genderless world?

While we still worry and fight for equality and equal rights for men and women, in the dance world gender play a smaller role since Contemporary Dance merges female and male movements and style to one. Rianto shows in his programme, how he copes with his homosexuality within this new “one world” living as an Indonesian man in Japan, married to a Japanese woman and dancing both in modern dance companies.

In a very fascinating way both dancers show how Asian culture influences in Contemporary Dance and how everyone tries is influenced by its cultural background, but that in the end it sums rather up than it separates us.