by Paloma Márquez


LA BANDA is a heartfelt coming of age movie filled with real-life scenarios between friends and family. Roberto Bueso, who debuts as a director, states that the story is based on his feelings when he left his hometown, Valencia, Spain, to study cinematography like Edu. A young adult who went to London to pursue his passion for music. However, he goes back home for his brother’s wedding and then ponders how long he will stay home. While he is home, he is forced to face old feelings that he hadn’t dealt with his family and friends.

How the Plot came to Life

Bueso shared, that although the film is not an autobiography, the emotions that Edu felt were similar to those when he moved away and became distant from his family and friends — clarifying that its something that everyone feels at a given point when they go off to university and grow up. It is a universal emotion that almost everyone feels.

When asked if there’s something that he would like his viewers to take away from the movie he said, “I want them to interpret it how they want and see, there are multiple definitions and takeaways–they all mean something different to everyone.” Bueso does share some conversation that at a given point of his life he did have with his father and brother, but the film is mostly fiction.

Crafting the Protagonist

The protagonist, Gustavo Fernández, shares that he has enjoyed crafting Edu alongside his director Bueso. Fernandez is also a musician who plays the clarinet in real life and is not a professional actor.

He was working in Optics and auditioned for this role. Fernandez unveils that his personality shares many commonalities with Edu, adding that everyone can. Adding, that he included a lot of his real character to create Edu such as his timidness, quietness, only speaking when he needs to in addition to his musical talents. Sharing that “the coming of age story is something that everyone goes through.”

Catch it in movie theaters!

The film has been received well by critics and was a part of Malaga’s Film Festival receiving awards in Festival de Cortometrajes de Versión Española (Festival of Films of Spanish Version) and the end of career ECAM. It will be playing in most theaters in Madrid and some in Valencia starting June 21st.


Photographer:  Karina Martin