by Jan Goller

Spanish is the fastest growing language in the world. It has more than 500 million native speaker but 600 – if we add those who study it as a foreign language. Especially, Americans, Brazilians and Chinese study Spanish. The University of Salamanca that is one of the four oldest in the world, signed a strategic alliance to promote the training of Spanish at a global level.  It is a collaboration agreement with doinGlobal.

“A brand in the whole world – not only in Spain”

Since more than 90 years, the University of Salamanca offers International Courses. This means that there are Spanish courses for foreigners and other language courses for Spanish-speaking students.  The offer of those courses is still growing. Nowadays, the university counts more than 8.000 students per year, from 90  different nationalities from China to the United States, passing through Gabon (Africa) or New Zealand.

“The key to success has been to diversify business lines maintaining Spanish courses. Another key has been also creating an Investigation+Development+Investigation team. It designs materials for universities and companies”, underlines José Miguel Sánchez Llorente, Director of International Courses.

The courses end with a DELE certification which is a diploma awarded by the Cervantes Institute. “In the field of certifications, we are the Spanish brand for the whole world, not only for Spain.

Adjust the courses in times of digitization to be competitive

“The new technologies are reaching education and we have to compete with this development”, comments the director, “doinGlobal is a fundamental ally in this strategy”. Moreover, he concludes: “An important panorama opens up in which we have to be present as a reference university of Spanish.” According to him the promotion of remote learning online will not reduce the presence of students in Salamanca.

For doinGlobal it is an honor to continue collaborating with this institution having more than 800 years of history. The Co-Founder and Director of the organization, Federico Silva, believes that Salamanca’s university can be a model institution for American universities.

Almost half of all Spanish-learners are Americans

21 million people study Spanish around the world, almost half of them are Americans. In the USA, 42 million people use Spanish daily to communicate.  And by 2060, the United States will become the country with the second largest number of Spanish speakers, after Mexico. As a result, there will be an increase in the demand of internatiuonal-certified Spanish teachers with a solid training.