Empathy Machine is a progressive deep funk trio based in Berlin with an explosive electronic live sound. This live act originally from Bogota-Colombia combines the deep and magical elements from synthesizers, drum machines and the awesome sound of a funky guitar. This develops an unique sound which is sure to turn you into a real Empathy Machine.

Pandora’s Music BoxxX (Untergeschoss der Pandora kunstgalerie) opens to present the video release of “Emma”, the first track of the Colombian electronic trio Empathy Machine, part of their Debut EP “Music for the video game of your life” (online on 28th February). Let’s merge into the labyrinth of Berlin`s finest underground art and music 


Empathy Machine Bogota Berlin Sound Dan Ricardo electro


A few years ago, EMMA decides to leave her home country to start from the scratch betting for a new life in Berlin away from family and friends. Working in cafes, cleaning houses or being an au pair, she learns from the start to value the simple as she realizes simplicity is freedom.

Money, social status or popularity are not the engines of her dream, as she learns these motivations are empty and don’t last forever. Her dream is powered by the fact that she is able to live in the present and to enjoy every single moment the way she wants.


EMMA celebrates having autonomy over her life, so she committed to dancing, smiling and connecting with her peers every day regardless of her falls. That is her real wealth and this wealth is the force that makes her rise up again to remain happy.

Emma discovers that happiness is a personal choice which should not depend on external factors. This is her battle and this is her dream. EMMA is an EMpathy MAchine.

First video clip recorded in hot spots in Berlin

Recorded in different iconic locations in the city of Berlin, EMPATHY MACHINE presents its first video clip directed by Rafael Espinel (Terrakota / Sidestepper / Le Groupe Swing / La Chiva Gantiva) with a simple but powerful message for all of those who want to dance life.

EMMA (Germany – 2019) / 5:22 mins / 4K Format / Instrumental

Directed by Rafael Espinel / Director of Photography: Nicolas Moins / Director Assistant: Jimmy Goo / EMMA is Mora Eyherabide / Music: Produced by Pol Moreno & Empathy Machine

Dan Ricardo: Synths and Synth-Bass, Hermano Simón: Guitar, Jimmy Goo: Drum Machine