by Jan Goller

Eating healthy and veggie is “in”: More than 50 % of the Spanish population have tried in the last twelve months a meat alternative (like hamburgers made of vegetables). The discount supermarket chain Lidl wants to adjust itself to the new preferences of its consumers and gets involved in the veggie revolution”.

Fruits and vegetables in one yoghurt? This sounds strange, doesn’t it? But exactly this did the shop and describes itself as the first grocery store chain to offer yoghurts with fruits and vegetables.

A fast way to consume vegetables and fruits

Arantxa Conde (PR, Lidl) and the cook Fernando del Cerro

The biggest enemy of people supporting the veggie movement is the long preparation time, stresses the cook Fernando del Cerro. As you have to cut all the vegetables and fruits, it costs a lot of time. “Eating those yoghurts means a big time safing.”

Eating only occasionally meat – flexitarian population rises

Everytime more and more people are turning to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. But the veggie movement also includes the flexitarians who are vegetarian and only eat occassionally meat. In a recently published study more than 30 % of the Spaniards indicated to reduce their meat consum or to prevent it directly.

More about the different denominations about eating habits you will find here.

Health is the main reason why lots of people decide to change their nutrition. Other reasons could be questions of ethical nature or sustainability. Nearly 8 % of the population living in Spain over 18 is veggie and specifically 1 in 10 women is identified with this movement, as the study shows. Eating more vegetables and fruits in the diet provides numerous benefits for the body and works as a way of preventing general health. The WHO recommends to consume at least 5 vegetables and fruits daily to demonstrate its prevention in macronutrient deficiencies.

The Spanish consumer is changing as in countries like USA, Germany and the United Kingdom. Solutions for meat substitutes are getting more important.

By 2023, the global market of meat substitutes will reach 6.43 billion dollars, with new brands and products in the market as reaction to this development, asserts Jaime Martín, CEO and founder of the consultory Lantern. 

A step backwards towards the Mediterranean Diet

In fact, the veggie movement isn’t such a new thing as it seems to be, regrets the scientific director of the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences (SEDCA). “You can compare it with the Mediterranean Diet which meant to eat only once a week meet of good quality. This day used to be a sunday.”