If you are one of those who, through your profession, would like to change the world and contribute to your context and your share of responsibility, you should continue reading. A transformation to a sustainable production can happen through New Economies and Social Innovation. 

Change to a sustainable production needed

Organizations, regardless of the sector of activity, are becoming more aware of the need to generate and produce in a circular and sustainable way, companies that develop with a social commitment, companies in which their ultimate goal is aligned with people wellbeing and the care of the planet, for the common good of all who belong to it.

This transition towards a new economy in the business world is demanding professionals who provide knowledge and tools to achieve this transformation. And here, we find a barrier. For the moment, there are not many people trained and able to lead this change.

Brave, disruptive, aware and socially committed people, eager to learn and break into a professional field as innovative as with a professional future. New Economies and Social Innovation.

Initiative to support the creation of a new economy

From Nesi Global Forum together with the Biodiversity Foundation and the co-financing of the European Social Fund, we want to contribute with an initiative. It promotes the co-creation of a new economy at the service of people and the planet. And how will we do it? We started the first training programme of the Empleaverde Project. New Economies applied to public and private organisations for unemployed people in Andalusia and Murcia.

We want to be a spearhead in this transformation and provide value with quality and innovative training. From a collaborative and sustainable vision we can position ourselves competitively in the labour market. Whatever our profession, we add the necessary knowledge for today’s companies and therefore contribute our work to the community.

This training program consists of three phases:

  • Phase I: Face to face training with internationally renowned professionals in the New Economies and Social Innovation.

NESI Forum will take place in Málaga

  • Phase II
  • Mixed training: A virtual part aimed at consolidating and reinforcing the content of New Economies. In addition, it includes a training itinerary of Coaching for Employability. We strengthen our skills and competencies to generate more job opportunities and draw up an action plan that brings us closer to our goals.
  • Moreover, in the second phase will have the opportunity to attend the NESI Forum, to be held in late April 2019. Then it takes place for the second time in Spain. It is Malaga which is the reference point at international level of this transformation and development of this new economy. In this space, 700 people from more than 40 countries will meet with a common goal. To add and contribute ideas and good practices to achieve this goal. A meeting point where networking, multiculturalism and the exchange of proposals will have great added value.
  • Phase III: Online learning where the acquired concepts will be consolidated throughout the program and the strategies and knowledge will be put into practice.  The aim is to approach target companies and generate professional opportunities.

Life is full of changes

A new year begins where we will find changes because life is constant change. Some of them chosen by us, others not.

It is your opportunity to initiate this change,

  • if you are unemployed right now and you want to be the one who provokes the movement and not wait for it to arrive.
  • if you want to focus on a professional area that has real employment opportunities in the future.
  • whether you want to differentiate yourself and specialize in issues that still not many people can offer.
  • whether you want to have the opportunity to do a personal job of self-knowledge and empower everything you can contribute and discover how to put it in value.

by Ana Amo Arturo
Gestión del Talento
Coordinadora y Coach del Programa Empleaverde del Foro NES