by Jan Goller

It is indispensable to be innovative and never stop creating new technologies to compete with other companies, but especially to improve the world, earn a living and facilitate everything for everyone. But it is true that due to this transformation the working world will change radically. Also the world of sports (in this case: of football) is changing a lot. Victoire Cogevina is the best example.

Two blonds triumphing in sports

Cogevina is born in Boston and raised in Argentina of 27 years with current residence between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The woman was raised around football closely following the sport all her life (fan of Racing, grew going to the popular in Avellaneda). For several years now she has been working with various teams and players from MLS, EPL and Serie A. There she never stops being active to give new talent a niche to accelerate their careers in the sports industry.

This speech held Cogevina at the important football event “Soccerex” in 2018:

Together with her mother, FIFA agent Shalimar Reynal, they founded the company SR ALL STARS. While Victoire was  responsible for putting together the agency’s corporate structure, she also led the Image and Public Relations Department. To handle the online presence of the professional athletes and to get cooperations with prestigious brands, she built a specialized team. For her it’s essential to guide the players once removed of the platform in their future. This is what she calls social responsability.

Planet-Bpm talked with the young businesswoman about the origin of her platform, her latest ideas and about their financing.

What is the meaning and origin of your platform? 

First of all, I detected within SR ALL STARS the opportunity that there were around the talented amateur players and the lack of possibilities to spread their achievements and get to get a pass to the big leagues. Every day I received orders from mothers and talented young people, from different parts of the world requesting their support to get an opportunity.

This is how I began to work on the design of a platform that would allow players from all over the world to upload their own videos, their performance, and make themselves known among the technical directors of all the leagues. The demographic of amateur football was unattended, it is huge and requires good service. Eliminate many cases of bribery and corruption entrenched in football and above all give visibility to the real protagonists: athletes.

On what are you planning now?

Currently we are developping “Gloria”, from Silicon Soccer, a football talent detection software that uses video engineering + artificial intelligence. In fact, our idea is to detect amateur talent and be made available for leagues and clubs. All young people without economic capacity or agent can easily upload their cell phone video to a space. There the Artificial Intelligence (AI) can detect their capabilities and catalog by age, sex, position, etc.

What is your connection between the American and Latin American market? 

I work closely with my clients to maintain their relevance in the American market, as well as globally in several physical and digital platforms. In gaining the attention of Latin American players towards the MLS and towards the American market, I played an important role. So, I showed players new and innovative ways to influence the Latin Market within the United States and abroad.

How do you finance your ideas?

This Software was sold to a holding company in Silicon Valley (San Francisco, USA) that seeks to solve the big problems existing in the football industry. Investors are Asian and a well-known player will join before the end of the year as an investor. It is designed to be a hybrid between payment and free, known as freemium model.

Is your football talent scout business already working?

The development in which I am currently working will be the first community of 3.4 billion people in the world, larger than Facebook, Amazon and Netflix. An online destination for all who interact with football in one way or another. The launch will be made during the Copa América next year.

Are you planning to include other sports? Does your platform also includes female talents? 

Gloria will focus only on the sport of soccer. For the moment it is not planned to deal with other disciplines. It only aims to facilitate access and democratize it so that no young person is left out due to lack of resources. In any case, who does not have the talent that the market demands, has to study or build a future working. Finally, the most important thing is that your work makes you feel happy.

Of course it will also include the selection of female talents.

Do you offer employ? What is the profile of professionals?

From Miami I have just moved to San Francisco. Only 2% of all Silicon Valley projects are led by women. This will be the first dedicated football throughout the region. In addition, it will also be one of the few commanded by a woman and under 30 years. My team is basically integrated by engineers in artificial intelligence (IA), creative in marketing and above all in communication.

Thanks for the interview.