When the German actress, Sandra Seeling Lipski, wanted to send her thesis film to the Mallorca International Film Festival, she noticed that Mallorca did not have such  Film Festival. This shocked her and therefore she decided to start her own one. This year will take place already the 8th edition of the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival (or EMIFF) from 24th to 30th October.

Sandra Seeling Lipski and Mads Mikkelsen; photo by Silvia Acedo

To give you an overview what to expect of this year’s program

  • In seven days, there will be presented
  • 102 projects
  • from 23 countries,
  • including 12 feauture films.


Planet-Bpm interviewed the Founder and Director of the EMIFF, Sandra Seeling Lipski, and talked about her first jobs as an actress, her time in L.A. and Los Angeles and the roots of the Festival.

How did you end up in Mallorca?

My parents moved there with me from Germany in 1994.

And then you went to L.A.. Why?

I started acting in a German TV show in Mallorca called “Suche Nach dem Paradies”, it was from Pro7 a German TV channel. After it finished I was 18 and I moved to New York City to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. From there I moved further west to Los Angeles, where I got an Agent and started acting in Film and TV.

The idea with the Festival how did that come up?

In 2011, I went back to School to study Filmmaking at the Los Angeles Film School. My thesis film was fortunate to screen at many different film festivals and this way I became aware of the Film Festival circuit.

Photo by Pernilla Danielsson

My plan was to send my film to the Mallorca International Film Festival, this way I could go “home” and present my film to my family. That is when I noticed Mallorca did not have it’s own Film Festival. It shocked me! I did some research and teamed up with an old school friend, who at this point had a masters in business studies and we quickly decided to start our own film festival.

How you make a difference?

EMIFF makes a difference with it’s mission: BRIDGING CULTURES – BRIDGING PEOPLE. We are the only true cultural event in Mallorca that invites everyone; local Mallorquins, Germans, Brits, Swedes etc. We pride ourselves on being a truly international event connecting all cultures through the language of film.

Who is your public?

Our audience is very versatile. Our main audience are Art, culture and cinema lovers with average age of 40. Then we have sub audiences who visit out Films For Kids (Kids aged 3-12), Music Video screenings (Teenagers and millennial ’s) and our Gala event frequented by more established business people 40-60+.

Who are the film makers?

Evolution Mallorca is an International Film Festival. Last year we received submissions from over 49 countries and welcomed filmmakers in Mallorca from over 21 countries.

Can you live on that?

Not yet, but the passion prevails!

How big is your team?

During the off season December – August we are two sometimes 3 people. During the on Season September – November we gradually increase our team to approx. 12 people plus aprox. 20 volunteers.

Do you still need helping hands?

Yes! we always need helping hands! Mostly in the Marketing (social media) and programming sections.

How you achieve the funding?

EMIFF is founded 40% by local government support and 60% private sponsorships. We are always looking for new sponsors and partnerships!

Is there a link yet between Palma and L.A.?

Yes! EMIFF screens it’s winning films at the SEE THE WINNERS event, taking place in LA each summer since 2014.

What is on this year at your Festival?

The years festival dates are October 24-30 2019. 7 days, with over 100 films, panels, networking events, Gala nights, Films For Kids, drive in cinema, A pitch forum and much more.