by Jan Goller

Finally you found your preferred internship or your Erasmus studying place in Spain’s capital. But now it is your turn to find an appropriate flat to rent for your stay in Madrid.

Lots of platforms to rent flats temporarily

Researching on the Internet you will find a huge variety of different online platforms. They all pretend to offer you always the nicest and best-located accommodation with a fair price like

just to mention a few. Lots of them employ “testers” who check the flats before the move-in and publish a short video of a flat tour. By entering your departure and arrival dates in the system you will get immediately the final price. In fact, they are a bit like long time Airbnbs. The advantage of those platforms is that you can comfortable rent from home your temporary new home without being obligated to visit the flat. Be careful some rooms in shared flats you even have to share with other people!

But maybe it is cheaper to choose another platform which is used by the majority of Spaniards called Idealista. Most of the offered flats are only to be rented for more than six months. Therefore it is a bit more difficult to find a place for just one semester or some months. Even though it is often cheaper to rent flats there than via commercial platforms because you get rid of the additional fees for verified flats. It is important to keep in mind that Madrid doesn’t mean only the city centre and whose neighbourhoods it stands for the whole community of Madrid.

Don’t rent a room without any window

In conclusion, in the worst case you will need more than two hours to reach your working or studying place. By the way, in the most cases you contact your further landlord or flatmate via WhatsApp. Sometimes it is just necessary to present yourself in some messages and in a lucky case you don’t have to do a casting to get your flat. Besides, it is common to pay a deposit of an one-month rent.

The rent you have to pay depends on where you live. Whereas the average rental price in whole Madrid is 10,99 Euros per square meter it is up to almost 16 Euros in Tribunal, Gran Vía or Sol. So if your budget is tight it’s recommendable to go for the outskirts. There you can rent a room in shared flat from 250 Euros per month (without additional costs).

Living cheaply in the city centre of Madrid is nearly impossible if you don’t want to live in a room without any window. So you have to decide between having a nice flat and more life quality but being forced to travel like 30-45 minutes to the centre or you choose a good-located but with worser conditions.

Although it is always hard to rent a room at the beginning, don’t give up. It isn’t impossible! Good luck.