No doubt, Berlin always offers a full range of events. However, there is one upcoming event which might be of particular interest for all people who are keen on supporting developing countries: On October 12th a special guest star, Henry Wanyoike, will come to Berlin helping to present a project for the education of African children with visual impairment…

Henry Wanyoike is well-known for being the fastest blind runner of the world. Several times he has achieved the world record of blind marathon and other long distance runs. He has attended the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Athens and Bejing, winning three gold medals and one bronze medal. Moreover, during his career he has won the Boston Marathon and the London Marathon. No other Kenyan athlete has ventured so successfully. In 2013 his life has been portrayed in a documentary movie (“Gold – Du kannst mehr als du denkst”).

Why is Henry coming to Berlin?

On occasion of the “Woche des Sehens” (Week of Sight) an impressive project founded by the vision therapist Petra Oertel-Verweyen will be presented at Rathaus Lichtenberg. The project named V.I.P (Vision Inclusive Promotion) is based in Lubumbashi in the south of Congo and has been created to support the education of children with visual impairments to give them better perspectives in their future life.

The name Vision Inclusive Promotion points out that specific encouragements are not only given for the development of sight but also for the development of social aspects, for example by providing access to adequate school education. The initiative is supported by local professionals from St. Yvonne Eye Hospital, Nuru School for the visually impaired and other regular schools in the city of Lubumbashi.Earlier this year, the project has been awarded with the first price of the Kenako Festival in Berlin.

Henry and Petra know each other since more than twenty years. Henry was rehabilitated in the Low Vision Project at Kikuyu Eye Clinic which has been initiated by Petra. Afterwards, she accompanied his development of becoming an internationally recognized runner. And they are both deeply concerned about the interests of children with visual impairments in Africa.

You would like to learn more about their efforts?

The event in Rathaus Lichtenberg is open to the public. Registration is not necessary.

Location & time:
Rathaus Lichtenberg, Raatssaal
Möllendorffstraße 6, 10367 Berlin
October 12th, 6:00 pm

On 12th of October you will have the opportunity to experience the life of persons with visual impairments in Africa. You will learn through real examples on how the life can be managed with poor sight in Africa. Henry will explain how he lost his sight but not his vision. Please take this chance to take home some cheerful dispositions. Do you want to know how Generose learned how to see in the school for the blind? Then you should not miss to come to the city hall of Lichtenberg on 12th of October.