Opera is too long, boring and it is always the same story.

That is what most of the  young kids tend to say about opera, classical theatre and music plays. And also among the not so young there are not many people that love classical opera, that can last for hours and hours. In the Teatro Real in Madrid there were very aware of the changing times and adapted their programme and presentations completely to the new lifestyle and the importance of social media, to the impact of visual stimulation with lights and costumes and the wish of the people to share the experience that can cost between 25 and 200 euros with their friends, to “show off” with their cultural life.

The Spanish opera house per reference not just has  introduced very different tools to enjoy their spectacles like the open air sessions and two language translation, but they also combine abstract staging in the programme like pieces of Pina Bausch alongside with classical parts as “Zauberflöte” and Wagner.  And in between “La Traviata” and “Hoffmanns Erzählungen” the Teatro Real tries to attract young and different people to its holy halls by offering concerts with famous rockstars. And now they also launched a series of modern opera plays that focus more on acting, work with suspension and therefore stimulate our attention more than we were used to. That way falling asleep in the Teatro Real becomes more and more difficuilt! Very good examples of this “new” style are the operas  “Dead Man walking” and “Faust”. To get more financial independence Teatro Real also starts co-producing like in the case of “Faust”  to gain their place in the world of property and copyrights.  And since some of the productions are also successful abroad they become more important internationally wise.

Modernizing in an intelligent, not vulgar way

Tha catalan director and artist Àlex Ollé gave life to a modern “Faust”, the probably German most important literature figure of all times. The interpretion of Dr. Faust as the modern man that wants to have everything and cannot live the moment and be satisfied what he has got gets lost because of his alter ego, Mephisto. It is an old story, still true. The scenery is as fantastic as contemporary, also thanks to catalan creativity represented by its Director Joan Matabosch, but in this case especially by La Fura dels Baus, one of the best theatre groups in Spain, represented by Álex Ollé.

Social media gains importance and also the public debate

Around the classical and modern plays the Teatro Real invites since a long time the spectators to debate about the work with the artists, offers online material and workshops around the theme. They play all social media strings and now how to stirr attention, also outside Spain. The press conference they transmit via Facebook. The Teatro Real has become the “have to go” of every sophisticated tourist in Spain and is probably the most international cultural place of the whole country.

People from every work together, understand each other and bring the best out of every play and work. There is no language problem, because art is the link between the different cultures – on stage and among the visitors.You do not have to be rich to enjoy operas. The entrance tickets for the Teatro Real are not cheap, because the productions are expensive and there has to be at least a break-even. But if you are under 30 you can buy the best seats for only 19 euros at the Box Office. It’s very easy. Just come to the theatre on performance day as of 4 PM, present your ID card to purchase your ticket.  You can also buy an Abono Joven (Young Friends Season Ticket) which has an 80% discount on the standard prices of seats in Zones A and B.