You love music and you love dancing and you love to be the centre of attention? Then you should be in Ibiza. There they are not only looking for good DJs, they also pay them well. The big names can get to 200 000 euros a night. You can learn and work with stars of the scene, in the background or just watching them how they create the event that makes people pay 80 euros for an entrance. Ibiza starts partying now already in the afternoon. So more hours of music are needed.

Ibiza is the world wide centre for electronic music trends

The problem of Ibiza is that it has become a very exclusive place: it is expensive, hype and very VIP. The access to good night clubs is not easy. But if you have already a good folder of work and some youtube channels or videos you can show you present yourself in these clubs:

These are the big ones:

But there are much more places, smaller ones where you can knock on the door and try to start your career. Just have the courage and go!

Boatparties can be your first gig

The are numerous Boat Party operators in Ibiza, the biggest being the official LSA partner Pukka Up. They normally operate by selling a wristband ticket which would get you entry to the boat party and a club afterwards. They normally play commercial music and attract a younger audience. If you want to play on a boat party you’ll need to prove you can play a commercial set which would ignite the dance floor, there is no room for your DJ ego here, make sure you prepare a mixtape with a mix of classic tracks, party anthems and floor fillers.

You can then approach them to ask for a slot and if they like your mix they may book you. Boat party DJs often play for the whole season, so you might not be able to get a slot unless you’re there for the whole summer. This gig is all about building a relationship with the organisers and delivering the perfect set every time, win them over and you could be playing your favourite tunes to the sunset in Ibiza year on year.

Also Reggaeton and Flower Power work in Ibiza

Electronic music is mainstream on Ibiza, there is not any longer so much underground music then you can find in Berlin or London. Everything is big on Ibiza to make money. That explains why know as well Reggaeton is arriving on the island with nearly the same typ of listeners and in the same kind of clubs.

Meanwhile the Flower Power music is becoming less and less important although the Pacha does everything to keep it going. Every Monday they celebrate the Flower Power Party with VIPs from the whole of Europe. It is a great event that is worthwile going, but the question is for how long the Hippie culture will still be important for young people.

If you really want to understand Ibiza, you should read this book:

Ibiza Bohemia – a very impressive illustration what Ibiza has been and where it might be going.

Foto woman in red: Bärbel Neubauer