In times of hyperconnection and in the middle of a big change in our society, from a capitalistic oriented economy towards a more concerned and shared economy did you ever ask you this?:

The 3 key questions to find your self-confidence

  1. Do you ever question your beliefs or actions based on what you think other people may think?
  2. Do you sometimes worry about leaving your house because you think people will judge you?
  3. Do you struggle to be true to yourself?

Did you answer all 3 of them with a yes?

Then you are in trouble man. Believe it or not, these fears can be normal and frequent for a lot of people. However, holding on to these insecurities can get in the way of your goals and dreams.

So, how do you overcome the fear?

If you’re struggling with self-confidence, here are 3 of my most powerful and effective tips to help you believe in yourself while amplifying your manifesting power!

  1. Be aware of how you talk to yourself.
  2. It’s important to know the thoughts you have about yourself. For example, if you’re thinking, “This is too hard. I want to quit and go watch TV”, it’s important to push through and quiet your inner voice, and immediately replace your thoughts with something positive like “I can do this! I’m nearly there.”

  3. Empower yourself with knowledge.

  4. Empowering yourself is one of the best strategies for building self-confidence. You can do that in many ways, but one of the most effective ways to empower yourself is through knowledge. Knowledge is power, and power is freedom! So take advantage of all the resources you have available to you. Learn and educate yourself, and by doing this, you won’t need anyone else’s opinion or validation.

  5. Know yourself.

It’s an important ability to be able to know yourself and your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. If there’s something you don’t know or can’t do, outsource it, ask for help, or hire people to do it for you. You don’t have to know everything or be everything!

Dig deep within yourself, and you’ll come out (eventually) with even greater self-confidence.