by Ronja Baerecke

The more I look into it, the more I realize how difficult it is to find a low-cost place to live. Especially when traveling to other countries, it gets much harder to pay for a small studio or even a room.

Madrid is very expensive

Since I live in Madrid, I am looking for a room to live here for a longer period and – at the same time – for a room in Germany. Obviously, AirBnB spreading all over the world encourages more and more people to rent their homes to strangers at insane prices. So, is this really what our new generation has to deal with? High prices for low quality of live homes?

I am from a small village in Germany, where our grandparents bought houses for good prices. And now? As a student you can barely afford a room that costs more than 400 Euro per month, on the outskirts of the city center! What I also realized by researching this issue is that most of the websites specifically offer rooms for students or shot term rent. When I was younger, I browsed a lot of german websites to find rooms all over the world. But year after year there are more websites that specialize in concrete searches and tailored inquiries.

Social media is the best way to find a cheap place

It is noticeable that Social Networks are the first web address to find a reasonable room or an apartment for a longer period of time. Facebook has got the group “Auxiliares de conversacion en Madrid (The Original)”, which has more than 16.000 members and offers different types of supplies. This one I can really recommend! When you use the Google Search it is a bit confusing because the upper offers are mostly about hotel rooms and not permanent stay. There are some websites like or, but they only compare different offers, so it’s easier to go to the websites directly.

The Top 5 of webpages

Here are some direct websites I find very useful:

→ People on this website might answer your requests or not.

→ Good and quick Chat Service if you need any help

→ Great opportunity for students

→ Good prices, but just a small selection of rooms

→ Most rooms are expensive, but you can immediately compare their locations on a map.