The Spanish Startup has created a collaborative platform aiming to revolutionize the world of ‘free walking tours’ launching a new concept: guruwalks. GuruWalk, through its online platform based on the Sharing Economy, allows now anyone to publish a free walking tour and share passionately their city with travelers from around the world eager to live the most authentic experience.

Free walks in cities

Free walking tours, more and more popular, have become the perfect alternative to get to know a city in an easy and fun way. These visits made by locals or expatriates are ‘pay-what-you-want’ tours, which means that travellers can give whatever they want at the end of the visit according to their experience and budget.

As the free walking tours’ concept may be confusing (with the term ‘free’, which is ‘free to give what you want’ and not ‘free of charge’), the Spanish startup now uses the term ‘guruwalk’ which is, according to its founders, the experience created by a guru (the guide) with a walker (the traveller).

For its advocates, these guruwalks have not only participated to the democratization of tourism, so that travelers with all kinds of budget can enjoy them, but also have diversified and enriched guided tours, thus adapting to the new trends of travelers seeking “the local experience” and not just the mere transmission of cultural and historical heritage of a city.

The fact that the guruwalk doesn’t have a fixed price also generates an higher degree of involvement of the guides to give the best of themselves. “A tips-based tour is often associated with something fun, vibrant and original. Many travelers, on the other hand, did not have this perception of conventional tours”, commented the founders of GuruWalk.

Sharing experience is a fashion

GuruWalk is also opening new borders of tourism. “Many existing tours based on tips are located in very touristic places like London or Madrid. The travel sector is booming and many travellers are looking for a more local way to see these big cities and for new global destinations to explore where the tours’ offer is often lacking” mentioned the GuruWalk’s team. The platform indeed enables passionate people to become ambassadors of their local culture in less touristic cities, like Lyon in France, Galway in Ireland or anywhere in the world.

With more than 700 tours in 150 cities around the world without investing in marketing or advertising, GuruWalk aims to lead the sector and become the reference website to search and book a tips-based tour or guruwalk. Thanks to its very simple and intuitive interface, it allows travelers to book before arriving in the city, but also to know the details and choose the language of the walk. And most importantly, once the tour is over, they are invited to evaluate the visit, allowing next travellers of the community to have the best travel experience.