Spain always has been the most important producer of organic agricultural products. But until very lately it did not discover the advantages of organic food for its own alimentation. Now veghan kitchen and organic shops are exploding everywhere. New jobs are created and services like Deliveroo start to become experts in home delivery of vegetarian food. This goes along with a different way to deliver food: more and more bikes and electric scooters and cars are used.

Even Lidl and Aldi have become organic

15 years ago the German discounters had the reputation of being cheap, but not fresh. Fresh food was rare in Aldi or Lidl. Now they became very organic, even in Spain. This helped the agricultural sector in Spain to grow and focus on new countries and segments to export their products, but finally they also produce for their own market. One of these new start ups in the organic food sector is NaturSnacks.

The company was set up by a German and a Spanish expert in fruit deshydration: “About one year ago we realized that now was the moment to sell healthy snacks manually produced and without any chemical ingredients, just natural, healty and nice.” The company that is based on the enormous knowledge of Sandra de Blas Sanz, live a sweet moment of media attention and cross selling. The founders are both engineers. Martin Schenk is automation engineer and Sandra De Blas studied forest science.

In general we see that professiones like farmer or agronomist become fashionable. Studying nutrition also is a trend among youngsters.

Organic food goes with “organic” fashion

The trend to eat healthier and consume with more consciousness has spreat as well to textile production. Young people do not care that much anymore for brands or getting new clothes. Second hand is trendy and everything that is not made in China, India or Bangladesh. “This revolution is as big as the one in the energy sector. We are facing a new area of eating,” says Schenk, whose productos from Natursnacks competes with big providers and distributions like Mercadona. Situated in Pedrajas de San Esteban, where is also the centre of “piñones” (pinons). “But what we offer is unique, because it is 100% healthy, veghan and besides we care a lot for the presentation of our product.” NaturSnacks not just deshydrates fruit also kale, a very healthy kind of salad.

Pedrajas de San Esteban, factory of NaturSnacks:

Dried Spanish strawberries, oranges and kale chips have not just created completely new jobs and helped to promote a new aesthetic way of eating, they also give a sector a complete new orientation and sense.