Making your camper van your own can be tricky at first, especially when buying your first camper van as they can be dull and plain inside. Following these easy steps can give you inspiration and pretty much guarantee that you will enjoy travelling in your home away from home. If you follow these 5 rules you will be noticed on your way to Scandinavia or the South.

5 Ways to Make Your Camper Van More Personal

  • Display Family Photos and Artwork while you are camping

  • Having a designated wall to allow room for photos of the family or your favourite artwork will bring a bit of personality to your camper van. Many discount stores have a lot of different types of picture frames and wall art that will help claim the space in your van as your own. This also means your family will be with you on solo trips, as you may feel a little homesick at times.

      • A Place for All Your Personal Belongings

    Accommodating your camper van with all the necessities for camping is a must. Most vans will have places set for storing all your things, but sometimes leaving some of your personal belongings on show gives it that much more character and allows the space to look more reflective of you. Gathering all you need for camping, such as cooking equipment and appropriate clothing, will help making your camper van become homelier. Woodbury Outfitters is a great website to visit to purchase all the equipment you’ll need for your outdoor activities.

      • Using Your Own Lighting

    Fairy lights or a nice lamp are a lovely touch. These are a great idea for night time reading if you don’t want to wake everyone up as well as a great way to make the space feel more atmospheric and inviting.

      • Adding Some Decorative Elements

    Another idea would be to showcase souvenirs of your camping trips within the camper van. Ornaments and memorabilia are good ways to connect more with the space. Souvenirs such as, rocks, wildlife and equipment you have collected in the past can really help decorate the space whilst highlighting the purpose for the van. It can be a great collection to look back on when you are older and your travelling days are behind you.

    Including Rugs and Throws

    Camper vans can appear cold-looking because of the materials used on the flooring and furniture. Having some rugs laid down won’t only add more character to your space but will make it warm and cozy and perfect to come back to. You could go online to consider what homely rugs and throws would look best. The sheepskin and shaggy rugs are especially nice after long days of being in the cold.

    These ideas are simple yet very effective to add more personality and character to your van. Following these steps will allow you and your family to be more at home when travelling for camping or any other outdoor activities you may participate in. It can also be a great space to escape to once in a while when you need to get away from it all.