by Costanza Cerasi

Italy is known as one of the most incredible destinations in the world. It is always flooded with tourists who eagerly walk around the streets trying to absorb the beauty of its past. However, is there the possibility of a future in Italy?

Goodbye Italy – Why italian youngster leave their country?

Many Italian teenagers, once they are done with high school tend to leave Italy behind, going to look for opportunities elsewhere. According to the last statistics released in 2016, Italians living abroad are increasing. The Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, states that on January 1st, 2016, they were more than 4.8 million Italians living abroad (4,811,163 specifically), up 3.7% more than the previous year (+174,516). In 2015, the number of expatriates had exceeded 107,000, with a percentage of young people that went over 36 per cent.

Always based on these last released statistics, at a continental level, more than half of Italians (+2.5 million) reside in Europe (53.8%), while over 1.9 million live in America (40.6%). The most significant variations are recorded in Argentina (+28,982), Brazil (+20,427), the United Kingdom (+18,706), Germany (+18,674), Switzerland (+14,496), France (+11,358), and Spain (+6,520).

Italians love Spain: perfect destination for young people

In the last year, Spain’s position in the scale has grown as more and more Italian students prefer Spain as a University, Erasmus and Master’s destination.

  • I have been living in Spain for the past two years. It has been the most incredible period of my life. The study system is well organized and offers incredible opportunities,” said Lavinia Corsi, a 19-year-old Roman girl who is studying Spanish in Madrid. “The quality of life is good, it is not as expensive as London and there are many young people who are studying here. This allows exchanging of ideas, projects and the development of new opportunities. The atmosphere is vibrant and alive and I am incredibly satisfied.”

In this video from the Redaccion Vozpopuli, other students in Spain are interviewed on their experiences in Spain.

Besides Spain, Italian students have been studying abroad all over the world and here are some reasons why:

  • Italy is the most incredible place in the world, but there are no opportunities anymore. I see it more as a vacation place rather than a place where I can build a successful future. Maybe someday the situation will change but for now it is what it is,” says Giulietta Vento, an Italian girl resident in Rome who now studies economics and business in London.
  • It is also a matter of independency. It is necessary to leave home behind in order to start your own future. If one stays home for too long he will settle and never push that extra mile. We live in a globalized world, we have to get moving,” says Caterina Anzà, Italian studying fashion promotion in London.

Clearly this eagerness to leave is not something everyone agrees on. Some Italians are very eradicated in their home and culture and do not feel the need or urge to leave anytime soon.

  • “I think the quality of life in Italy is incomparable to any other place in the world. I want to live here, because I my personal life and necessities the same way I value my career. I don’t think leaving is the answer, we should be our countries’ future and create possibilities, not run away to some other place to find them,” says Beatrice Olivieri, an Italian studying Law in Rome.

By the end of 2017 the new statistics will be released and there will be a clearer picture of what the situation is.