by Costanza Cerasi

In the past years Spain has grown to be one of the most successful sports nations in the world. Besides biking, sailing, canoe, swimming, basketball and volleyball, Spain’s enormous achievement can be traced back to two sports specifically: motorace, soccer and tennis.

Spain is leading the sports sector in Europe

Spain has two of the most famous soccer teams on the world: Barcelona and Real Madrid. Both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are owned by their club supporters, therefor they have hundreds of supporters, they are called socios
Their international relevance grew time by time and both of these teams are now incredibly supported by the television rights of the very rich television channel owners who buy their rights based on the teams. In such a way, the Spanish league became very inviting to all these buyers and to the market of the whole world.

This has a marketing impact as well, in fact you can travel anywhere in the world, go to a Nike shop and you will find sports shirts sponsoring one of these two teams. All this money circulation allows these teams to have the possibility of buying the strongest players, the most professional trainers and the best structures in order to guarantee their excellence. In the Fox Sports ( 2017 ranks of the most valuable soccer clubs in the world and places Barcelona second with the value of $3.64 billion and Real Madrid third with the value of $3.58 billion.

Spanish soccer clubs are worthful brands and Top employers

In this video by Forbes, it also shows how Real Madrid and Barcelona are third and fourth respectively in the Forbes Sportsmoney 2017 index, followed by Cristiano Rolando (a Real Madrid player) in the fifth place, followed by Lionel Messi (a Barcelona player) in the seventh place.

Along with soccer, tennis is a sport that is excelling in Spain, with the incredible participation of Rafael Nadal. He is ranked first place player in the world tennis 2017 rankings of Fox Sports. Such an incredible player made a draw for the increase of the development of tennis in Spain. This is so because of the incredible effect a champion combined with publicity and support of the media can have on people. Spain’s sports market has been growing and will keep growing as it is incredibly rich with talent and with media support. This will favour the disposition of numerous funds and opportunities that will roll out the red carpet for new and current champions.